My Self-Imposed Writing Goal

This post is a little different. You usually see articles from other authors on the craft or business of writing. There’s also reviews. Well, I have gotten a little bit behind on my own work in progress. I’ve got to get caught up. Today I’m going to do a writing marathon. I’m shooting for 8 hours of writing today. I know that’s scads! I’m ball-parking my word count to end up being 10,400 for the day. This is raw, uncensored rough draft.

I’ve already been to Kroger. The kitchen is relatively clean and the laundry is done. If I meet this goal…

  1. I can look myself in the mirror
  2. I will reward myself by going to see Guardians of the Galaxy tomorrow at the cheap movie theater in town.

I’m sharing this on the blog to hold my feet to the fire. Tomorrow, I will post if I accomplished my goal or what went wrong. Heck, maybe I’ll review the movie for you guys!

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