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Folding Table 2I just wanted to quickly share a bargain with the authors here.  Sometimes we have an opportunity to do a book signing somewhere and tables are an issue.  There aren’t enough, or you are to supply your own.  Maybe you aren’t as athletic as you used to be and carrying a large fold up table is out of the question.

I spotted a 4 foot folding table at Aldi’s this weekend for $24.99.

Now, they don’t stock merchandise for long. It’s like a rotating isle for them.  In Knoxville, the ad said valid the week of May 18th. I don’t know how their ads run.  I’m guessing 18th to the 25th.  So there’s only two days left to get this possibly.

But this one folds up to a nice size. It could fit in the back seat of a car, you wouldn’t have to have a SUV or van.  I’m  going to put a picture in the post so you can see that it even has a way to adjust the height.  You can make it 22 inches high, or 25.5 or 29.5 high.

It is 24 inches deep (2 feet) and 47.74 long when unfolded.  Of course, this could have some uses around the house during the holidays and when you might want to work on some sewing or crafty projects.  But it is a tool I think an author could take advantage of having. If you can’t swing getting this at present, make a mental note to keep a look out for a bargain like this after the holidays.  Remember when you are making your annual budget and business plan (you are doing this, aren’t you?) to allocate some money for a tool like this along with your swag.

P. S. I am not in any way connected to Aldi’s or paid for this write up.  I did buy one, but I haven’t brought it in from the car yet to unwrap it.

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