Review: Flying to the Light

Author Elyse Salpeter / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 291 Pages

In recent news there have been ice bucket challenges to raise awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Sometimes it just takes a little exposure/education for someone to become involved in a cause or endeavor. In Elyse’s young adult novel Flying to the Light, one of the main characters is deaf. Danny is a six year old boy. His family uses ASL to communicate with him. ASL (American Sign Language) might now pop up on a young person’s mind. Imagine if sitting down to the lunch table at school they share that they read this book, “Do you think I could take ASL instead of French next year?” Another of their school chums might ask what the book was about.

Flying to the Light (First book in the Series)

Flying to the Light (First book in the Series)

In answering the reader might say “it was a thriller/adventure, where this boy finds out what happens after you die. Of course, there’s a villain that wants to capture him. He and his big brother have to go on the run.”

“What does the bad guy think he’s going to DO with that information?” another friend may ask.

I like that in addition to entertaining young readers, she also gives them credit that they may just want to have a conversation about concepts, topics and folks that are different from themselves.

One might worry that if one of the themes is what happens after you die, that it might be a preachy book. But it isn’t, the book is solidly in the intrigue/adventure camp. I would recommend this book if you have a young person in your life that likes to read action and fast paced adventures.

The second book in the series, Flying to the Fire, is now out. I’m sure young people will find something to talk about after reading this book also.


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