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Vampire Creed

Vampire Creed
by Author Rain Grey

Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Barnaby Blaine Rice was a Vampire born in the depression with a very special power to see who people truly were. After a long, empty existence of witnessing the darkest points of humanity, Blaine happens to encounter a beautiful married woman named Mary Slate. Unable to handle his love for the beautiful human, Blaine accidentally kills another Vampire over her and is put under a serious debt with the Vampire Council.

Blaine reluctantly forces himself to forget the woman and allows her to live her life without his intervention. It wasn’t until 50-years-later that the distant memories of the captivating Mary are brought back to the surface. Blaine has the pleasure to encounter the young Wendy Slate, granddaughter of Mary Slate after a criminal vampire keeps her hostage. Blaine got there in time to stop the criminal, but not to stop the beginning of Wendy’s transition into Vampirism.

As he was forced to sire her into this new world, he discovers that Wendy is the most amazing person he’d ever met. Wendy has to make a life-altering decision as Blaine has to deal with his blooming feelings for a woman who was identical to his first love. This modern love story introduces the most influential turning point of these lover’s lives.

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Wendy Slate

I got to the library minutes before nine thirty, Archer walking a few feet behind me.

“You don’t have to act like my vampire bodyguard,” I murmured as I caught a small group looking at him with scared gazes, knowing he could hear me.

“Of course I do. I’m a vampire and your bodyguard.”

Rolling my eyes, I paused, letting him catch up to me before wrapping my arm around his. “It wouldn’t hurt to smile. Next thing I know, someone is going to report you to campus security and have you kicked out. Then you won’t be much of a bodyguard, will you?”

This time he rolled his eyes, but he did relax his facial features.

Together we walked up the steps. My group was meeting in a study room on the third floor. When we arrived at the room, only Jason was there. Opening the door alerted him of our arrival and he looked up with a smile.

Wait a second. For a split second, it looked like he was glaring at Archer. His expression changed so fast I wasn’t too sure I saw right, even with my keener eyesight since becoming a vampire.

“Who’s this? New boyfriend already?” he asked, a smile on his lips.

Brushing away my suspicions, I shook my head. “He’s a friend. He goes to school here too. Engineering major. Fifth year.”

I was quite impressed with myself having come up with a lie on my toes. I was going to introduce Archer as a friend anyway, but Jason question kind of caught me off guard.

Jason nodded, accepting my words. “The other two said it will be a while before they get here. They wanted to stop by their dorm first,” he spared another glance at Archer. “Will he be staying?”

In response to that, Archer plopped himself into a chair in the corner of the room. “You won’t even know I’m here,” he said before taking out his cell phone.

I had a feeling that wouldn’t be the truth if he planned on continuing watching his wrestling show. Ignoring him, I sat at the table across from Jason.

“I started developing some samples for the project,” I stated as I took my notebook and laptop from my backpack.

I started to go over what I had so far with him briefly as well as sharing our other ideas. Though, honestly, I was ready to leave before I even got here. I still had yet to convince Archer to take me to where Theo had brought me. And by not convince, I meant not even approach to the subject. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, I was guarding my thoughts so Archer would be none the wiser.

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Satyr Wars: Volume IV – A Naiad Hope

About the Book & Our Review

Satyr Wars Cover ArtA long time from now in a dimension far, far away… When Enya’s brother Jack is kidnapped, the young naiad and a ramshackle team of rescuers find themselves on the run from zombie elves and are soon forced to confront the dreaded Black Matron of Death. With the help of a cowardly vampire, an elf prince, a band of rebels, and a magic lamp, Enya will stop at nothing to defeat the Black Matron and bring Jack home.

It is classified as Science Fiction & Fantasy and the expected publication date is April 19 by Indie Artist Press

You can pre-order now…   Here at Amazon


Our Review

Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 166 Pages

I first want to mention that even though there is adventure and danger, this book is appropriate for teens and young adult. As you can tell from the beautiful cover art and the blurb about the book itself, there is a juxtaposition of science fiction and fantasy elements. Satyrs and zombies, in the same book?

Like many life changing adventures, the characters here struggle with personal issues while endeavoring to save those they love and themselves from harm. Unlike regular folks that can mull something over for a while, Enya must take action and use her instincts quickly. Other characters grow out of necessity rather than choice also.

I liked the author’s easy going voice in her writing style. Her characters are likable and mysterious to some extent. When you first meet the initial cast they speak to each other as if they are a Mayberry family, with simple neighbors, living their daily lives. Then page by page you discover more surprises. I applaud this author for letting the reader discover these morsels along the way instead of just dumping a whole bunch of backstory into an introductory chapter. I think this will be a popular book among those that love sword and sorcery style books.


About the Author

Becca Bates PhotoBecca Bates was an avid reader from an early age and often created stories of her own, though it wasn’t until high school that she began writing her first novel. After writing for a few years as a side hobby, her love for it grew until she decided it was her greatest passion and something worth pursuing professionally. Her first novella, A World of My Own, was published in October 2015.
Becca is currently working on two fantasy series, Satyr Wars, which will debut April 2016, and The Eridan Chronicles, which is planned to debut late 2016. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband, David, and their cat, Cole, the spirit of compassion.

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Her Tumbler account for her editing service is here.


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Review: Battle Cry

Author Melissa Snark / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 363 Pages

Loki’s Wolves Book 2PrizeImage

 Check out the fabulous contest to win a wolf head hematite necklace below!

Powerful writing in this novel! I have no doubt that one would love to read book one in this series before starting this one. However, I had no trouble following the plot or getting involved with the characters. Melissa uses all her senses when writing. The smells of battle and death are included here. The writing is descriptive, clear and polished.

It might be hard to find a person that hasn’t been exposed to a vampire or werewolf movie or book at some point in their life. Melissa doesn’t stop at the surface. She has built a multi-layered world and respects the lore and legends.

Battle Cry CoverI had never seen this concept and loved this:

“The lone hunter sprinted toward the pack of enormous wolves. He reached across his torso to claw at the stylized dagger inked on the back of his forearm: his tattoo weapon, indestructible and always with him. The intricate artwork had rough edges that overlaid scorched scar tissue like a brand. Dark tendrils of energy surrounded the knife arcing beneath the surface of his skin.”

I also liked the small bit of business about the books some of the characters were reading. Speaking of the characters, the banter of the hunters, the pack loyalty/mentality, and the evil of the vampires… could have easily been trite. Not so with Battle Cry, they are 100% believable. You wonder how good guys you are rooting for could be against odds with each other. But they are in a complicated situation, reeling from past tragedy and trying to untangle truth to find their ground. Anyone that appreciates paranormal storylines will enjoy this read.

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Fast Facts About Melissa Snark

  • Melissa Snark is published with The Wild Rose Press & as an Indie author with five unique titles: A CAT’S TALE, THE MATING GAME, LEARNING TO FLY, THE CHILD THIEF, and HUNGER MOON.
  • Her Loki’s Wolves series includes THE CHILD THIEF, HUNGER MOON and Melissa Snark PhotoBATTLE CRY.
  • She lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband, three children and a glaring of cats.
  • She is a professional cat herder and unrepentant satirist who blogs about books and writing on The Snarkology: http://melissasnark.blogspot.com/

Website  |  Blog Facebook  |  Twitter

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Spotlight: Bring Me To Life

(Time Walkers – Book 1)  Supernatural/Paranormal/Adult

Bring Me To Life CoverThey say love can conquer all … but Vincent’s been dead for two hundred years, and Bryna is the one who killed him! Ominous warnings, time travel, love, revenge, vampires, demons, and so much more … Emma Weylin presents Bring Me to Life, Book 1 of her amazing new paranormal romance series, Time Walkers.

Being dead sucks, or so Vincent Asher believes. He’s spent the last two hundred years of his death battling vampires because his boss won’t let him kill demons. Known as a force called the Wraith, Vincent has become bored with preventing the apocalypse. When he hopes his boss will give him a more exciting assignment, he gets the shock of his afterlife. He must protect the woman who killed him.

Bryna Wildrose accidently killed the only man she ever loved. In a self-imposed death sentence, she’s spent the last ten years of her life trying to get herself killed. She never meant to kill Vincent, and the guilt is eating her alive. A vampire gives her a dire warning. The Wraith is coming for her. She can run, or she can let death take her. Continue reading

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Review: In the Light of the Moon

Author A.L. Kessler / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 166 Pages

In the Light of the Moon Cover

1st book in the series

A.L. Kessler visited us at Lilac Reviews a few days ago and shared with us the Pros and Cons of writing a series. Her Dark War Chronicles has three books so far. I think there is to be another.

I have enjoyed Laurell K. Hamilton books in the past. So I have a brief knowledge of books that mix lycans and vampires. That there are politics between the different packs and that there are family alliances, etc.

In the Light of the Moon’s main characters are Kassity and Jaxon, both panther lycans, and Lucius, a vampire. Lucius runs a territory and there is a war going on. This was a weakness to the first novel. We didn’t get really vested in who was fighting against who and more importantly, why we should care. I did care about Kassity and Jaxon. Lucious is still a little bit of a wild card. He seems to be the bad guy, but he does have a method for what he does. His actions aren’t just to be cruel. There are times when a person in power doesn’t explain all the reasons for his decisions. So A.L. is accomplished in creating believable characters.

It was a short, enjoyable read. It does have some adult content. I felt the ending left you adrift. It didn’t have that close the book shut feel when something was resolved. This may have been her intent. This may be the type of series where you are meant to purchase the further books to continue the story lines started in the preceding novels.

The other two books in the series are…

2nd = Dance in the Moonlight, 192 pages

3rd = On Torn Wings, 177 pages

Dark War Chronicles Series Art


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