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The Variant Conspiracy

Our Review of In Irina’s Cards by Christine Hart, 209 Pages

One of the things I enjoyed about this book was that even though Irina was a young adult (college age), and finding her place – the author didn’t write her as flighty or wishy washy.  There was a lot Irina didn’t understand about her recent visions after buying a deck of Tarot cards.  So there was some uncertainty, but she took steps to unlock what was happening around her and within herself.

There’s a real juxtaposition of the realistic Canadian setting and the variants, genetic science and supernatural elements of this story. Each person she meets, she has to determine if they are friend or foe and how each fit into the big puzzle.

I enjoyed this book a great deal. There is a good balance of adventure, discovery and her making friends, and navigating relationships.  Are all the questions that were asked, answered by the end of this book?  No. Some readers have strong opinions about whether each book should have resolution, even if they are part of a series. You probably know where you fall on this spectrum. If you like science fiction, or have dreamed of having a super power, I think you will enjoy this series.

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