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Twilight Over Moldavia

About the Book by Stephanie Burkhart

Moldavia CoverRomanian unification is on the horizon and the spirited Crown Princess of Carpathia, Caroline, would prefer to ride horses and archery to embroidery and dancing. Complicating her life is her recent discovery that she’s a witch.

Prince Stefan Sigmaringen travels to Carpathia to meet Caroline. He discovers he has much in common with her. He also learns that a strange man, Timon, has an unnatural interest in him.

Upon Stefan’s engagement, he overhears his mother confessing to a horrible secret – she cursed him in order to conceive him and Stefan will become a werewolf when he turns eighteen. There is a condition to overcome the curse, but it will require Stefan to draw on all his inner strength and Caroline, her courage. Can they break the foul enchantment and secure their future or will Stefan give himself over to the lupine curse that haunts his family?

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Paranormal Bar & Grill Tour

Top Graphic

About the Mood…

October starts out warm and sunny, but this is the month when everything changes. Mornings grow frosty, leaves change colors, and the breeze takes on a bite.

Summer dies.

It’s a time for harvest celebrations. A boy loans a girl his coat. She snuggles a little closer and takes his hand. A riot of autumn splendor accompanies the farmer’s market where they stroll.

But the vibrancy of daylight doesn’t compare to the darkness of night. Is that chill on your neck the breeze or something else?

October night

You walk a tad faster and look over your shoulder. The trees creak when the wind whips through their branches—at least, you hope that noise came from the undulating bows.

You check under the bed and inside the closet before climbing under the covers. Sleep doesn’t come easy. The old house groans its complaints, and the night magnifies every innocuous noise until terror paralyzes you—because you know nefarious things go bump in the night.

Welcome to the Paranormal Bar & Grille Blog Tour

…where you can rub elbows with everyone from a gargoyle or vampire, to a creature from urban legend, or the ghostly realms of myth. Step up to the bar, grab a booth. You never know what’s on the menu, or if you might end up there yourself.

Sound like your kind of hangout? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re a group of five authors who love nothing more than to trigger the chill that crawls up your back, the nervous glance tossed over your shoulder. We invite you to discover outstanding books and check out our awesome tour prizes.

Just be careful of what the bartender serves you. That heady brew may not be a beer, and witches can’t be trusted to provide effective antidotes.

Enter the contest below and follow the tour for excerpts from the book

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The Demon King

 The much anticipated THE DEMON KING by Heather Killough-Walden is now available! If you love PNR, readers have said that there are some series’ that are completely addictive, and this is one of them! Find out why below!
Cover Demon King
The Demon King (The Kings Series, #9)
by Heather Killough-Walden

Dahlia Kellen has been through hell. Raised in a fae society that slowly drove her mad, she turned traitor against her people and was cast out. But in an act of heroism that clearly exposed her for the good she was, she rose up against the true evil threatening her people, and in her efforts to stop that evil, she was terribly transformed. Now dark, different, and feeling truly exiled in her soul, Dahlia has a chance encounter with a man in Boston. A man whose gaze is as dark and haunted as her own… and whose craven desire for her and dangerous, powerful bloodline will show Dahlia that for her, hell is just the beginning.

“I’ve come with a message about your father,” said the stranger.

“You’re speaking of Marius.” Marius was dead. Laz would know; he’d killed him.

But the messenger smiled. “No, no. Not quite,” he said, white teeth gleaming in an unholy grin. “Think bigger. Think badder.”

Steven Lazarus is a seasoned detective with the Boston police force who has always served and protected, and done so by the book. But the Akyri King’s insides are heating up, a painful yearning is tearing away at him, and his tall, strong body has become capable of a dark, violent magic he can barely control. His dangerous past has caught up with him, and he can scarcely stand to look at his own reflection. He doesn’t recognize the man staring back at him, and that terrifies him.

Because he knows the powerful, hungry man in the mirror wants Dahlia Kellen just as badly as he does. And if he has to, he’ll raise hell to claim her.

The Demon King is the 9th book in the best selling The Big Bad Wolf spinoff series, The Kings, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Heather Killough-Walden. 


Available for purchase at


The Kings Series
Also Available in Audio

About The Author

Heather Killough-Walden is a California native currently living in Texas with her husband, child, and King Charles Cavalier. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Big Bad Wolf series, The Kings series, the Lost Angels series, the October Trilogy, the Neverland series, and The Chosen Soul series. Heather’s educational background includes religious studies, archeology, and law. She has traveled all over the world but hopes to one day live in a town with a world-class hockey team. (Let’s Go Pens!)

You can find Heather at

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
Goodreads  |  Pinterest
Audible  |  Tantor 

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Heart Born

By Terry Maggert
Her guardian angel was pushed.

Keiron was never meant to be anything other than a hero. Born high above in a place of war and deception, he is Heartborn, a being of purity and goodness in a place where there violence and deceit are just around every corner.

His disappearance will spark a war he cannot see, for Keiron has pierced the light of days to save a girl he has never met, for reasons he cannot understand. Livvy Foster is seventeen, brave, and broken. With half a heart, she bears the scars of a lifetime of pain and little hope of survival.

Until Keiron arrives.

In the middle of a brewing war and Livvy’s failing heart, Keiron will risk everything for Livvy, because a Heartborn’s life can only end in one way: Sacrifice.

Fall with Livvy and Keiron as they seek the truth about her heart, and his power, and what it means to love with someone who will give their very life to save you.


Available for purchase at       


Chapter Four: Monday

Libraries open at a civilized hour. That was one of the reasons Livvy quickly decided that her new job was a good thing, despite the looming menace of Miss Henatis. Everything about the head librarian was intimidating, right down to when she corrected Livvy for pronouncing her name wrong. With a half-sneer, the tall, severe woman had explained her name was pronounced Terezza, not Teresa, like the unwashed masses, but Livvy was to address her only as Miss Henatis, since the library was a professional atmosphere and not some wild scene of casual familiarity.

So, at 9:55 in the dull, overcast morning, Livvy sat at her desk after taking several breaks to catch her breath following the long walk into the building, past the lower floor, and out of the elevator, where she suffered a tense, cloistered ride with several people who never looked up from their phones except to grimace at the lack of a good signal. Once she reached her desk, she quickly assessed the condition of her workspace before sitting down on her chair with a muffled whoosh. The cushion was welcoming, her pens were in order, and Livvy Foster began her second day as the assistant Answer Desk Librarian (2nd Floor).


The light smell of hand sanitizer wafted toward her as she turned to see a slender young man in a perfectly crisp blue shirt drop into the seat next to her. He wiped his hands in a practiced motion, flicking his fingers with a final gesture of satisfaction. Apparently, germs were a sworn enemy. His smile was brilliant, and she found herself responding in kind with something more like a dopey grin.

“Dozer. Nice to meetcha.” Before she could react, he was plucking at her shirt with busy fingers, smoothing an imaginary wrinkle with a light touch. “Before you say anything, we’re totally gonna be besties, and yes, I know what you’re thinking.”

“You do?” Livvy asked, overwhelmed with his onslaught of charm. She shook her head to clear it, but he just grinned even more.

“Yes. It’s part of my job as your New Best Friend. You’re asking a lot of things right now, but in your head, so let me help.” He held up a finger and winked. “Item one. How am I so good looking?”

Livvy burst out laughing, then had to place a hand over her heart as the stitch began to build in her side. She didn’t care. It felt good to laugh that way, and she took little sips of air while waving that he should continue. He didn’t pay her breathing any mind, so neither did she, reveling in the normalcy of a shared joke with someone new. It felt good to forget, if only for a moment. That was a good start if they were going to be friends. Besties, according to Dozer.

“You don’t look like a Dozer.”

He was impeccably dressed in blue, and his dark blonde hair was styled to sweep up off his forehead. Cheerful blue eyes crinkled at her as he smiled, and his teeth were small, white, and even. She held out a hand, and he took it. His grip was delicate and caring, like he sensed her condition but was too kind to mention it. It was a small thing, but it made tears threaten the corners of her eyes. She smiled harder to blink them away.

“Well, don’t let this flawless appearance confuse you.” His sniff was so perfectly arrogant that she felt like cheering. He smiled at her again, then slid his own chair so that he faced her at a ninety-degree angle. “Item two, and this is important, so pay attention.” When he saw her nod, he pointed out at the rows of desks, and books, and all the things that made the library into a sort of living thing. “I know all about this place, and more importantly, I know everyone who comes in here. I can tell you who’s happy, or sad, or drunk, or homeless, or fighting with their wife or husband. I know why they’re here, and I know if they’re leaving and never coming back.”

Livvy made appropriate cooing noises at this declaration, but they weren’t polite. She meant it.

Dozer cocked his head and raised a brow, looking like the picture of a screen idol from a time long ago. “Stick with me and I’ll show you the ropes, kid.”

Her laugh bubbled again, free and easy. “We are going to be besties, I think.” A blush colored her cheeks at her brashness; it wasn’t like her to be that direct and open. She was steady, and loyal, and a lot of other things that people said when they didn’t want to call you only sort of pretty, but Dozer was so gallant that she had to respond in kind.

He leaned in, conspiracy on his mind. “See the big guy over there?” Pointing with his chin, he directed her eyes over to one of the tables where the regulars sat. There were a stalwart few who came in every day. Their pecking order was written in stone, as if the chairs were ordained by a higher power.

“The man with the mustache?” she asked.

He was a big, solid guy with a shock of white hair and deeply tanned skin. His shoulders bulged with muscle, even though he had to be pushing sixty years of age. There were dark blue tattoos on both forearms, and his smile was lopsided and kind.

“Mmm-hmm. That’s Sailor Mark. He’s a good one. Sort of worked as a plumber all his life, and now he spends his days here. He’s a really nice guy, tells a lot of great stories. You’ll meet him, I’m sure.” Dozer selected his next target—a slender, harried looking woman with frizzy hair pulled back in a bun. She had sad brown eyes and coffee-colored skin, and she moved between the tables to her seat with an economy of motion and certainty that Livvy found fascinating.

“What does she like to read?” Lizzy looked thoughtful, watching the woman flit about like a hummingbird. The question surprised her new friend, who put a hand on his chin to think before answering. She liked that he gave her words consideration. It was a sign that she was being seen and valued. Her blush returned, but hidden from his sight due to his concentration on the scene before them.

“Miss Willie?” He watched the woman settle at a table, but only after a great deal of fuss in which she adjusted her chair, her book, her feet, and then her chair once again in a series of tiny scooting motions until she had everything just so. “Mostly adventure novels, and some old-fashioned romances. She’s kind of sappy that way. I asked her about, like, a billion new books and she said she didn’t have time for them. She just likes to relax, I think, but she doesn’t really know how. Sometimes I see her going over the same boring old things over and over. But she’s quiet and friendly, so—” He shrugged to indicate his powerlessness over such plodding book choices.

“What about, umm, the guy with the ponytail?” She watched the man tapping his fingers to an unknown beat as he flipped listlessly through a magazine about science and cars, but from Livvy’s standpoint it seemed to have an awful lot of women in bikinis.

“Oh! Right, that’s Drum Circle Danny, or just Danny.” Dozer’s eyes glimmered with mischief. “He can’t help drumming on stuff, so don’t tease him about it.”

“I wouldn’t dare.” Livvy meant it. He looked kind of crunchy and harmless, like an intellectual who’d gone back to nature.

“He comes in first, usually. Sometimes he’s here up to an hour before the others show up. Gets his stuff set up, but always quietly. I like him. He loves books about the ocean. I think he has a lot of stress in his life, and reading about whales or whatever lets him calm down.” Dozer’s one shoulder shrug was just enough; Danny was okay, too. That was the message Livvy got.

“How many are there? Regulars, I mean?” She counted the table and booths. There was room for at least two dozen people in this little nook alone.

Dozer thought it over, then started counting on his fingers. “Depends on what’s happening. We have special events here, sometimes. On a busy day we might get ten or twelve of them. It’s always a moving group, sort of like a school of fish. I can count them when they’re still, but they move around. . .” He brightened. “What are you doing for lunch?”

“Nothing, why?” She hadn’t thought that far ahead.

“You are now. I’m going to introduce you to the wonder of Frankly, Frank’s. He’s down on the plaza, right by all those benches.” At her hesitation, Dozer added, “My treat. And honey, I know.”

Tears pricked her eyes. He was so nice, and she didn’t want to ruin the feeling of having someone think about her kindly. “I want to, I mean, I do, but—”

“Don’t worry.” Dozer took her hand gently, but not like she might break. Even sitting down, he was taller than Livvy. “And I mean: Do. Not. Worry. I know all about your, ahh—” He pointed at her chest, and spots of color bloomed on her cheeks again, but this time it was something like shame. “Anyway, I know all about it, and we can go nice and slow down to the plaza, okay?”

Livvy knew right there and then; Dozer, the exotic, funny boy sitting next to her was going to be a true friend.

About The Author
Born in 1968, I discovered fishing shortly after walking, a boon, considering I lived in South Florida. After a brief move to Kentucky, my family trekked back to the Sunshine State. I had the good fortune to attend high school in idyllic upstate New York, where I learned about a mythical substance known as “Seasons”. After two or three failed attempts at college, I bought a bar. That was fun because I love beer, but, then, I eventually met someone smarter than me (a common event), and, in this case, she married me and convinced me to go back to school–which I did, with enthusiasm. I earned a Master’s Degree in History and rediscovered my love for writing. My novels explore dark fantasy, immortality, and the nature of love as we know it. I live near Nashville, Tennessee, with the aforementioned wife, son, and herd, and, when I’m not writing, I teach history, grow wildly enthusiastic tomato plants, and restore my 1967 Mustang.

You can find Terry at


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Vampire Creed

Vampire Creed
by Author Rain Grey

Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Barnaby Blaine Rice was a Vampire born in the depression with a very special power to see who people truly were. After a long, empty existence of witnessing the darkest points of humanity, Blaine happens to encounter a beautiful married woman named Mary Slate. Unable to handle his love for the beautiful human, Blaine accidentally kills another Vampire over her and is put under a serious debt with the Vampire Council.

Blaine reluctantly forces himself to forget the woman and allows her to live her life without his intervention. It wasn’t until 50-years-later that the distant memories of the captivating Mary are brought back to the surface. Blaine has the pleasure to encounter the young Wendy Slate, granddaughter of Mary Slate after a criminal vampire keeps her hostage. Blaine got there in time to stop the criminal, but not to stop the beginning of Wendy’s transition into Vampirism.

As he was forced to sire her into this new world, he discovers that Wendy is the most amazing person he’d ever met. Wendy has to make a life-altering decision as Blaine has to deal with his blooming feelings for a woman who was identical to his first love. This modern love story introduces the most influential turning point of these lover’s lives.

Goodreads | Amazon 

Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes

Grab your copy today for FREE!


Wendy Slate

I got to the library minutes before nine thirty, Archer walking a few feet behind me.

“You don’t have to act like my vampire bodyguard,” I murmured as I caught a small group looking at him with scared gazes, knowing he could hear me.

“Of course I do. I’m a vampire and your bodyguard.”

Rolling my eyes, I paused, letting him catch up to me before wrapping my arm around his. “It wouldn’t hurt to smile. Next thing I know, someone is going to report you to campus security and have you kicked out. Then you won’t be much of a bodyguard, will you?”

This time he rolled his eyes, but he did relax his facial features.

Together we walked up the steps. My group was meeting in a study room on the third floor. When we arrived at the room, only Jason was there. Opening the door alerted him of our arrival and he looked up with a smile.

Wait a second. For a split second, it looked like he was glaring at Archer. His expression changed so fast I wasn’t too sure I saw right, even with my keener eyesight since becoming a vampire.

“Who’s this? New boyfriend already?” he asked, a smile on his lips.

Brushing away my suspicions, I shook my head. “He’s a friend. He goes to school here too. Engineering major. Fifth year.”

I was quite impressed with myself having come up with a lie on my toes. I was going to introduce Archer as a friend anyway, but Jason question kind of caught me off guard.

Jason nodded, accepting my words. “The other two said it will be a while before they get here. They wanted to stop by their dorm first,” he spared another glance at Archer. “Will he be staying?”

In response to that, Archer plopped himself into a chair in the corner of the room. “You won’t even know I’m here,” he said before taking out his cell phone.

I had a feeling that wouldn’t be the truth if he planned on continuing watching his wrestling show. Ignoring him, I sat at the table across from Jason.

“I started developing some samples for the project,” I stated as I took my notebook and laptop from my backpack.

I started to go over what I had so far with him briefly as well as sharing our other ideas. Though, honestly, I was ready to leave before I even got here. I still had yet to convince Archer to take me to where Theo had brought me. And by not convince, I meant not even approach to the subject. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, I was guarding my thoughts so Archer would be none the wiser.

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Squirrel Bait

About the book by Chip Davis (and see our mini-interview below)

Paranormal, Humor 89 Pages

At the time of posting, Chip is offering up this fun read for free!

Cover Squirrel BaitTonya has an unusual passion for books, even for a librarian. When her books are harmed she takes it personally. When people turn up dead over damaged books, there are questions to answer. When the killer is a weresquirrel, the questions become more confusing.

There is a certain pretentiousness in classical literature. Elegant writing filled with meaning both astounding and sublime. This is not that. Not horrific enough to be horror, nor humorous enough to be comedy, welcome to Chip’s Dollar Dreadfuls. There may not be any fundamental truths, but there will be blood…so much blood.

Amazon  |  Website

Offering his work for free?  Why should Chip do such a thing from Thursday, July 21st through Monday July 25th

I think he dislikes odd numbers. That number thirty-three on the number of the book’s reviews is getting to him.  Why not take a read, and leave a review and put him out of his misery. Thirty-four sounds so much more, even.

stars for squirrel

We asked Chip some tough questions, but he was up to the task.

What book do you have on your shelf that you go to over and over for help on writing technique/ craft. Why do you find this one so helpful?  

I have several books on writing and writing for YA, all gathering dust on my shelves. I get more from reading James Michener and Louis L’amour than anything else. They are different from each other, but they both are very true to historic people, events, and places within their fiction. I love that about them. If they say there is a well at some location in the desert, you could go there and find it, or where it was.


What book have you loved/ kept from your youth?  What made you fall in love with it?

I am not ashamed to admit this, it is Uhura’s Song by Janet Kagan. I’m a trekkie from the day Star Trek was born, and this is Star Trek and more.


What is the latest book you are reading?  What drew you to  it?

I have been reading several short stories by Steven King, to get me in the proper mindset for a few of my upcoming books.


What cookbook is your favorite and why?

I hate them, I hate them all. I’m not allowed in the kitchen unsupervised. I am not allowed to open a new can of coffee or new box of cereal, and I’m certainly not allowed to touch the cookbooks!


What other hobbies/interests do you enjoy (other than reading/writing)?

I love travel and photography. My dream is to travel for my Trail of the Raven books, and do my photography on those trips. I spent some time in Haiti researching my first book in the series, I’m not sure I can swing it for the next, but who knows?


What is your next book about?

I have an obnoxious number of books started, the second book of the Trail of the Raven series, Trail of the Raven, Brazil, the next Dollar Dreadful is about finding bigfoot, or more accurately Yowie in 1920’s Australia, but I have a short story I promised for an anthology, so that will have to be next. That one is a fact based fiction set in Suriname. I can only hope the other stories leave me alone long enough to write it. I have this fellow in my head, Stubby McGee, private eye, who keeps interrupting me.


About the Author

Chip discovered a passion for travel as a boy when his family moved from Arkansas to Kenya for two years as missionaries. He continued moving regularly as an adult, working construction jobs across several states, until having two school-aged sons dictated that he settle down. Fast forward through 15 years of structural design, the boys are grown and it is time to travel once again.

Chip’s dream is to become like Jack, the main character in his books. He will be traveling, learning new cultures and places, and looking for ways to help people along the way. This, in turn, will fuel the books to come.

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Kaavl Conspiracy

About the Book by Jennette Green

Cover Kaavl ConspiracyFramed…

When eighteen-year-old Methusal Maahr is framed for the murder of her oldest friend, she will do anything to expose the true killer and clear her name, including team up with her arch rival in the Kaavl Games, Behran. But all clues point to her guilt…and appear to tie into a conspiracy regarding the new peace talks with their oldest enemies from Dehre.

While peace looms on the horizon, Methusal doesn’t trust it. Mentàll Solboshn, Chief of Dehre, is not what he appears to be. Her determination to discover the truth soon pits her against the formidable Chief. Not only is he the best kaavl player in the land, but he is determined that the peace plan will pass. Can Methusal’s rare kaavl skills possibly outmatch him, and stop him from succeeding with his devious plans?

Methusal is ready and willing to do anything to protect her community of Rolban–even put her own life on the line to expose and defeat a dangerous political foe. But little does she realize the true danger may lie within her own community…

Enter the contest below and follow the tour for  reviews and excerpts from the book

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Lady of the Dead

Cover Lady of the DeadAbout the book by Gretchen S. B….
Fantasy, Paranormal/ Urban, 262 Pages

A Lady of the Dead only comes along once in a century. Gwen knows this makes her valuable but she hates the constant supervision of her Warrior guards. Her increasing power has gifted her some independence until rumors of war spook her guards enough to report to the King.

Cesar has been King of North America through several wars and rebellions. When one of his generals informs him these new rumors involve the Lady of the Dead he flies to Seattle himself it investigate, posing as his second-in-command. The instant attraction he feels to Gwen becomes increasingly hard to ignore.

Will Cesar be able to protect Gwen while battling his lust? Will Gwen stay with her warrior guards or will Cesar’s dominating nature push her to switch sides? Hidden alliances surface in Lady of the Dead.


Amazon Author Page   |  Author Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

Reviewed by Guest Reviewer, the Twisted Book Carmudgeon

In Lady of the Dead war is coming to the North American Night World. It’s up to Gwen to bring everyone together and stop it. She also has other problems: trying to calm her volatile mate.
I wanted to love this book, but alas, it fell short of my expectations. The plot is crowded – with subplots and details and the number of players made it difficult to keep straight.  Also, the overarching story is weak, which accentuates the ‘crammed’ feeling with characters and groups and subplots.
In fact, I wish the book had been separated into two books. I believe it would have made it easier to follow and reduced some of the ‘busyness’ and given readers something solid to hang onto.
I did like the storyline. It has a lot of potential and is unique. It mixes genres and draws in elements, which aren’t usually put together. I appreciate authors who take a risk and want them to deliver. I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

♦   ♦   ♦

With thanks to Lilac Reviews for the opportunity.  Twisted Book Carmudgeon’s Facebook Page


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The Young Vampire’s Survival Guide

Cover Young Vampire's Survival GuideAbout the Book by Lucy Eldritch

Within a month of being bitten, it cost the life of Robert James’ best friend. Within a year, hundreds had died. All because of him.

Until he was bitten, Robert James was a regular college student. Now he seems to be the reluctant future of vampire kind and his world has been turned upside down. Pursued by the Dawn Warriors – a group dedicated to cleansing the world of evil – Robert’s survival is at stake. Literally.

Enter the contest below and follow the tour for excerpts from the book

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The Reapers


Check out more information on #IABBAddicts here
Join us every Thursday for IABB #Confessions 

Author Ali Winters * Paranormal Genre

The Reapers CoverHaving been a reaper as long as she can remember, Nivian knows that what she does is essential in maintaining balance. After being assigned to a rushed mark she finds that there is more to this human than any other she has encountered.

Kain had been living an ordinary life without a second thought until he meets Nivian who turns his world upside down. He is thrust into a world of hunters and reapers. The keepers of life and death have been feuding for centuries over a reason no one can even remember.

With Kain having been marked for reaping, and Nivian being hunted, they forge a friendship and together must find the truth in order to keep balance in check. Wrong choices could destroy everything. As they journey they discover hidden histories, powers, and lies and truths that have been spun since the beginning of time. The consequence of failure, unimaginable.

  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Nivian leaped over the edge of the bridge and landed with a soft tap on the surface of the water. She reached down, pulled the soul of the driver up by the collar of his shirt, and stood him up next to her on top of the water. She took the driver’s hand, palm up, in hers and waved her other hand over his. Pinching the air, she pulled and lifted up to expose his life thread. His wide eyes stared unblinking, hypnotized by the glowing string of light. Nivian reached behind her and grabbed the scythe strapped to her back, and swung. With a slow, deliberate movement, Nivian sliced the human’s life thread. The light formed into a ball and hovered between them. She pulled out a small pocket watch and guided the life energy down to the watch. It sunk into it and disappeared.

She snapped the watch closed and returned it to her pocket. “You should know better than to drink and drive. You could’ve seriously hurt someone.”

He gaped at her, his mouth opened and closed like a fish. “Yes, you really are dead,” she confirmed and gave him an apathetic look as she turned away.

“Are you … the devil?” he managed to sputter.

“No, of course not. I am just the natural order of things,” she said, looking back over her shoulder. “Wait here. Your spirit counselor will be here soon to guide you to your afterlife. I have other jobs tonight.” She spun on her heel and walked away, as she pulled her hood back up over her head and vanished.

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