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Flawed Characters

Michell Grey PhotoWe asked Michelle Grey to share with us her views on flawed Characters…

Hello, and thanks for letting me join you today. My name is Michelle Grey, and I write contemporary romantic suspense. I enjoyed reading several of your reviews and appreciate your honesty and insights. I was asked to talk about turning character flaws into something that adds to the story line.

Good fiction, in general, MUST incorporate character flaws into the story line. Part of the reason we read is to experience the evolution of a character, and the journey that forces his or her growth.

In Convergence, my most recent novel in the Long Shot Series, Tori Whitlock carries a lot of baggage and uses alcohol to cope. Her inability to resolve her past drives her need to chase tornadoes for a living, and her most consistent and trusted relationship is with a bottle of Wild Turkey.

The story, set around the premise of a serial killer targeting her, is primarily about Tori (and Jack Mathis, her hero) finding a way forward, beyond the things of their pasts that hold them both captive.

Every character has flaws. Using them in the story line is critical for emotional connection between the reader and the characters. Tori was one of my most flawed characters, but man, does that make her redemption all the sweeter. Hope you enjoy her story!

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