Modern Mughal Mentality

About the Book by Dr. Afshan Naheed Hashmi

The Modern Mughal Mentality  transforms hardships and difficulties into success stories by introducing the Jugaad Management Principle Business Model, which can be applied to any business, anywhere.

It also reveals ways in which western companies can learn to be successful in India.  Executives of multi-national corporations, government officials, and even American and global small business owners who have no plans to do business in India will benefit from the innovative and revolutionary approach to maximizing resources that The Modern Mughal Mentality delivers.

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The 9 Unique Features of The Modern Mughal Mentality: New Strategies to Succeed in India and the Global Marketplace:

  1. For the purpose of our business model ‘systematic innovation,’ inspired by the Jugaad mentality can be further divided into seven key concepts:
  2. The Modern Mughal Mentality introduces a new model, the “Jugaad Management Principle Business Model” that illustrates an innovative theory proving that Creative Improvisation, Frugal Innovation, and Reverse Innovation can be part of Jugaad through Systematic Innovation alone.
  3. The Modern Mughal Mentality for the first time ever links Mughal Dynasty with Jugaad.
    • Creative Improvisation
    • Globalization
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Reverse Outsourcing
    • Acquisitions
    • Frugal Innovation
    • Reverse Innovation
  4. The examples provided in the above mention 7 key concepts defining the secrets to using Jugaad successfully, showing that it has an organized system, background, and process attached while being developed.
  5. The Modern Mughal Mentality teaches business people of all stripes how to transform hardships and difficulties with strategic examples and steps to take.
  6. The Modern Mughal Mentality identifies and explains seven key practices of highly effective Indian businesses that can be implemented by anyone, anywhere for optimal results.
  7. The Modern Mughal Mentality uses the “Jugaad Management Principle Business Model” to showcase successful businesses in both India and around the globe.
  8. The Modern Mughal Mentality includes inspirational success stories in both India and around the globe, as well as future opportunities.
  9. Modern Mughal Mentality Exercises are included to help readers practice the concepts taught in the book.

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About the Author

Photo Dr.Hashmi Dr. Hashmi is an author, award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, educator, and a book, movie, make-up and beauty products reviewer, film critic and Radio and TV show host, a successful regulatory and business development and scientific professional with more than a decade of experience.

Dr.Hashmi has had a total reach of over one billion people worldwide via print, TV, and online. Dr. Hashmi is the author of two blogs, “India Business Innovations” and “Connecting with the Dignitaries.”

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