I’d Rather Wear Pajamas

About the Book by Chelsea Walker Flagg

Book Cover I'd Rather Wear PajamasEverybody has the awesome opportunity to find their own strength and path through life. Some come about their self-discoveries through studying and working hard. Others (Chelsea) spend their time nearly burning down kitchens and driving around the country with a car full of hangers. Chelsea grew up wanting to be “strong.” She thought arguing her way through childhood and becoming a world-class attorney would get her there. But, through a series of humorous, and only slightly embarrassing events, Chelsea comes to realize that maybe her strength is meant to shine in different ways.

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“FTL’s biggest client was a fabric design company that made nothing but Hawaiian prints. I’m actually pretty sure they no longer make anything, but rather spend good chunks of their time suing other companies who copy their designs. For me, it meant perusing catalogues and clothing websites in search of items with designs similar to this company’s retired fabrics. How great a job is that, by the way? I was getting paid to look for shirts with palm trees and hibiscus flowers on them. This whole law thing was too good to be true.

My best assignment came when FTL caught wind that a men’s underwear line was infringing on our client’s design name. She came by and dropped a stack of male lingerie catalogues (yes, they exist) on my desk to go through in search of this name. I spent the better part of a week looking at pictures at mostly-naked men with socks stuffed in their skivvies.

Nobody knew what to do with me. On one hand, studying oiled-up men in scandalous poses just had to be against any number of company policies. On the other hand, I was legitimately doing work in an effort to make the law firm money, so they couldn’t discourage it. In the end, they just left me alone. And that’s how I learned that you can buy men’s briefs with pre-padded butt cheeks.”

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Photo Chelsea Walker FlaggAbout the Author

Chelsea was once obsessed with cats, longed to live in a big city, didn’t think she would ever have children, and aspired to be an attorney. She now lives in Boulder, Colorado as a stay-at-home mom and comedic writer with her husband and three daughters. She has no current plans to own a cat.

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  1. Mai T.

    What really makes you angry?

  2. Thanks so much for hosting me and my book today! Psyched to be here 🙂

  3. Trix

    Such a fun excerpt!

  4. Rita Wray

    I liked the excerpt.

  5. Rosie

    This sounds so fun to read! And I never really thought about guys adding some padding, not just women!!

  6. Victoria

    Sounds like one of those books that will get re-read over and over again! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Eva Millien

    Sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing it!

  8. Ana M

    What was your favorite book as a kid? 🙂

    • I loved loved loved Matilda by Roald Dahl. I think I liked the idea of a little girl being able to wield so much power. Or maybe I just liked that she made her teacher fly across the classroom… Either way, it was a favorite

  9. Lynda Dickson

    This sounds like a fun read. It’s actually FREE right now, so everyone should go and grab a copy! I’m off to get my now.

  10. Tammy Dalley

    Sounds like a great read! Thanks for the chance to win

  11. Nikolina

    I am really enjoying following this tour, thank you!

  12. Thank you Chelsea for stopping by to chat with our readers! Best wishes to you in all your travels.

  13. Thanks for sharing,… i love read many kind of books. I cant to wait your vook to enjoy it,….

  14. Ree Dee

    Thank you for sharing the post and the giveaway!