His Montana Rescue

CoverAbout the Book by Vella Munn

Former firefighter Echo Rose may have recovered from the injuries that nearly ended her life but the emotional scars still linger. She now devotes herself to protecting wildlife and sheltering her heart until local contractor Rey Bowen reminds Echo that life can offer so much more.

Rey Bowen is not the only one at Lake Serene with secrets and a desire to reboot his seriously derailed life. Meeting Echo reminds him that life can sparkle with joy and laughter and passion, but can he show the cautious Echo how to love again even as he struggles to trust his own heart?

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We Asked…

The author mentions being a hermit, and seems very prolific in her writing.   Would she share with us her feelings on ‘who she writes for’.

Oh boy, it looks as if I’ve been outed. When Lilac Reviews discovered I sometimes call myself a hermit, she asked if that’s true. Okay, she didn’t come out and ask that. What she did was ask me to discuss who I write for.
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That’s a great question. Unfortunately, I’m not coming up with an easy answer. Now that I’ve thought about it, I believe I initially write for myself. Not so much for my enjoyment but because there’s something about the human condition I feel compelled to explore and fiction is how I’ve done that for most of my adult life.

Getting specific, His Montana Rescue is about two people whose lives have fallen apart and what they go through while trying to grab hold of a second chance. I believe everyone has times when their grand plan falls apart. What we thought our life was going to be doesn’t turn out that way. Putting ourselves back together, changing course, and moving forward takes courage and a putting on of our big girl pants. That’s the task I gave the man and woman I created for His Montana Rescue. Echo believed she would spend her working life as a forest ranger until a forest fire left her with a damaged leg and limitations on her physical ability. Rey had his own construction company until he was forced into bankruptcy by the actions of someone he trusted.

The time of self-pity for Echo and Rey is behind them. They have no choice but to support themselves and want to do something that emotionally fulfills them. Sounds like a noble goal, right? Only as we humans know, having a plan doesn’t mean we don’t have to still do the work.

Guess that’s the answer. I wrote His Montana Rescue because I needed to see if these two self-doubting people could pull off second chances and live happy ever after. If I’ve satisfactorily answered that question, hopefully readers will give me a thumbs up which is what a writing career is really about—connecting with readers.

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About the Author

Vella Munn freely admits to being a dedicated and sometimes demented fiction writer. She has always been drawn to nature and those who feel at home in it. A career writer, she has had way over 60 books published, most of them romances both past and present. As far as personal statistics go, she has one husband, two sons, four grandchildren, and is owned by two rescue dogs. Home is southern Oregon within a two hour drive of Crater Lake. She frequently visits Montana in her mind and heart.

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