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How T.S. Pettibone Came Up with the Cover

The concept for Hatred Day’s cover took a lot more brainstorming than we care to admit. Initially, we only knew that we wanted the cover to be simple yet striking. Also, because Hatred Day is a series, we knew we had to come up with a concept that could be transferred to all the covers in the series.

HatredDayEventually, we both agreed that the concept with the most creative leeway was to place a different character on the cover of each book. Of course, it was an obvious decision to feature the protagonist, Snofrid, on Hatred Day’s cover, but book two will feature one of the larger supporting characters. Fortunately, we won’t have to do quite as much brainstorming, though, as we nearly have that cover all mapped out.

Once the cover concept had been agreed upon, we discussed color combinations. We immediately knew that we wanted the cover to have a strong focal point, which is one of the reasons we chose to make the gasmask red. The second reason was because, psychologically, the color red has a physical effect; it stimulates the spectator and raises their pulse rate. To contrast the harshness and ferocity of the gasmask, we dressed Snofrid in an elegant white dress. The motive behind this decision was to showcase our world, which is essentially a blend of horror and beauty.

On that note, we covered Snofrid’s face with a gasmask for two reasons. Firstly, because gasmasks are an integral part of our world. They are always worn by our characters while they are outdoors because the air in our world has been polluted and is no longer safe to breathe. Secondly, we know that many people, ourselves included, prefer to imagine what each character looks like as opposed to being shown.

Hatred Day’s cover was produced by an online company called 99Designs, which was recommend to us by a fellow author. Basically, you can either commission a one-on-one project with the artist of your choice, or you can hold a contest where several artists will enter designs based off of your concept. The first time we used the site we held a contest, and through it, we discovered a wonderful Indonesian artist who we eventually commissioned to digitally paint our cover. Ultimately, we were so impressed with his work that we now commission him to do all of our artwork.

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About the book

In the year 2052, it’s not love but hate that unites the world. Humanity is unified against the Inborns, an extraterrestrial species with godlike intelligence and abilities whose arrival on earth caused an environmental and biological crisis.

Enslaved and despised even by her own Inbornkind, 18-year-old Snofrid reawakens to the world after having her memories stolen and is certain of only one thing: she will do anything to ensure her freedom. But her resolution is soon tested when the son of a high-ranking human official is murdered and her home city becomes the center of the interspecies war, one that might see the Inborns purged. Desperate to find a way out of the city for herself and her family, Snofrid risks making a deal with the manipulative Inborn Commander, Hadrian, and his brutal cadre of soldiers. Her task is simple: take part in a historic hunt that will bring wealth and fame to all who survive. Unfortunately, Snofrid’s role is one in which survival is rarely seen—the bait.

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About the Authors

T.S.-Pettibone-Author-PhotoT.S. Pettibone are the authors of The Hatred Day Series. Expected publication for book two, Verdict Day, is 2017.

T.S. Pettibone is the pen name of identical twins, Brittany and Nicole Pettibone. They were born in California, grew up in Kansas, and these days, live and write in California. On the rare occasion that they break from writing, they enjoy taking their dog on night walks, reading books by long deceased authors, drinking too much coffee and tea, traveling the world, making friends out of strangers and trying new things.

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  1. Thanks for hosting today! 🙂

  2. sounds interesting and full of action and intrigue

  3. DJ Sakata

    cover kinda creeps me out… 😉

  4. The cover is eye-catching that is for sure. It sort of begs you to figure out what the heck the book is about. I know for certain that if I saw it in the store, I’d at the very least pick it up and read the blurb.