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I have signed up for this Book Marketing Challenge.  I know it’s late Sunday evening. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to get on track with a marketing plan in bite size pieces with your own coach that’s familiar with the book industry?  Take a look and sign up for this wonderful experience. 

  –  Felita Daniels

The Problem
Want your book sales to explode but you find marketing your books difficult? Confusing? Too time-consuming?

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Well, it doesn’t have to be!

The Solution

Do you ever wish for a magical marketing fairy who could guide you through a daily marketing prompt? Then I am your wish come true. Sign up for my daily marketing challenge newsletter — for this one month only — totally free! Yes, you read that right.

I’ve created daily assignments for whoever signs up for this one month only. I will give you daily prompts, assignments, and links so you can learn exactly what you need to do to market your books, including Twitter, Facebook, website/blogging, and promotions — right to your inbox — but only if you sign up! I can’t possibly cover everything in 30 days, but it’s a great start!

*Note: You don’t have to have a book out yet to participate! Remember, marketing books is really about marketing YOU, the author. We brand the author not the book.*

I’m here if you have questions. No hidden costs, no additional charges, and no fees. The end result? You will, at the end of one month, have learned at least thirty+ ways to market your book, and hopefully (based on your own motivation) will complete each task as assigned. You can save each newsletter and refer to them again and again OR.

The Big News

I am compiling all of this material into an eBook you can download (if you so choose, not required), so you have all this information in one place, at a price TBD by my publisher Booktrope (I’ll go out on a limb here, but I’m guessing no more than $2.99), available in a few months. So exciting!

This is only the first of many 30-day BadRedhead Media Book Marketing Challenges. Please tell your friends!

Here’s a tweet:
Sign up for the @BadRedheadMedia #Free 30-day #BookMarketing Challenge starting 2/1/2016 here:

Start date: February 1st, 2016.   Let’s do this thingy!
Subscribe to the 30-day BadRedhead Media Book Marketing Challenge starting February 1, 2016!


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