Caviar Living On Fish Stick Money

“Life must be a mixture of frugality and luxury.” — Marilyn Whelan

Caviar Living is a hand guide of home-spun lessons from a life well lived. Marilyn Whelan shares her wisdom from how to connect with your community to how to play your mortgage like a game.

With short snappy chapters Whelan gives us tips and tidbits on:

  • Fun ways to teach your kids and grandkids about money
  • How to keep a clutter-free house – and why!
  • Creative ways to get a tax break
  • How to stretch a dollar on everything from real estate to creative vacations

Part budget guide, part spiritual manual, and a whole lotta charm, Caviar Living is a lifetime of lessons wrapped up in this 98-pages of fun.

About the Author

Author Photo Marilyn WhelanMarilyn Whelan has worked as a reporter, a district supervisor in a first time youthful offenders program, and President of Shoppers Critique International.  Her want is to die with something remaining on her bucket list, because when something is crossed off, something else is added.

Marilyn currently lives in Clearwater, Florida, where she is Granny to seven, and Great Granny to three. She loves to travel and plays Mah Jongg twice a week.


Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Marilyn Whelan

  1. I understand how The Law of Attraction works and use the law on a daily basis to enrich my life style. I believe it is easy to put into effect and available to all.
  2. I have a knack for finding unique, amazing deals. Some say I can make one dollar do the work of ten. Some examples are:
    I visited Costa Rica and Tica Airlines actually provided a small plane to transport me and four of my friends cross country for the same price as a ticket on the large jet.
    I purchased a Time Share condo for $200 which I have used as a basis for more than 20 vacations in different locations.
    I spent a week in a beautiful Spanish Resort all meals and entertainment included for the cost of airfare alone.
  3. I started a Mystery Shopping Company in my sunroom which is now the largest on the east coast.
  4. My book Caviar Living on Fish Stick Money was my very first book. The thrill of seeing it in print will never go away.
  5. Although I know absolutely nothing about boating, I captained a canal book through the canals of England with two friends. It was a true miracle that we and the boat made it without major mishap.
  6. I always say I want to die with something on my bucket list not yet accomplished. That is because when something is crossed off, I immediately establish a new goal.
  7. I made a spur of the moment decision to sell my home and move to Clearwater, Florida. My home sold in six days and I moved in 30 days. I love my home and my community. I live On Top Of The World and no kidding that is the name of the community.
  8. My passion is travel. I am Vice president of my community travel club and head the trip team. We are responsible for planning many of our community trips. Our trip last week was to Plains, GA. where we attended a Sunday School Class taught by President Carter. We had our photo taken with President and Mrs. Carter and were hosted Ms. Jan Williams who was Amy Carter’s teacher.
  9. Among my top five blessings, I count my friendships. Old friends are gold and new ones silver. I have friends of all ages and every one of them enrich my life to the extreme. It is wonderful to share the good and the bad with those you love. Each brings something different to the table as they say.
  10. I am mother to three, grandmother to seven and great grandmother to three.

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  1. Susan

    An excellent read. Your life and your budget will thank you.