Book Reviews- How to Get Them and What to Do With Them


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ebook CoverAuthor: Felita Daniels

Title: Book Reviews: How to Get Them & What to Do with Them

Pages: 73

Genre: Non Fiction

Date publishedJanuary 26, 2016


Authors in today’s environment are finding that they have to be their own marketing and public relations department. Many could use some guidance with these skills. This book grew out of a workshop I have done for local writer’s groups. 
Inside you will find: 
* Tips on approaching blogs and reviewers 
* What not to do 
* Should you read your reviews? 
* Keeping out of Amazon ‘jail’ 
* Approaches to getting reviews- some common, some off the beaten path 
* Current Amazon review policies and what may be coming down the road 
Having a game plan to garner reviews will certainly get better results than doing nothing. This book will help you find some avenues you may not have thought of, or didn’t know about.

Review Etiquette with Bloggers
You want to get this marketing stuff out of the way and get back to writing the next book. It is tempting to get an email list of book bloggers and blast to everyone you can. One email out to 30,000 bloggers and reporters and done in the time it takes to hit the send button.
I can tell you from being on the bloggers end opening the emails requesting a review, this is not an effective method. Bloggers consider their site unique and spend many hours on content, computer geekiness, and growing their traffic. It is their baby, just like your novel is a part of who you are.
Improve your response rate to your review requests by personalizing your emails to the writers of the blog. For a blogger, getting a pitch for an erotica novel, when their review policy clearly states they don’t cover that genre is the fastest way to put a bad taste in their mouth. Not only do you not get a review out of it, you come off as unprofessional. It’s easy to tell yourself you don’t need that blogger anyway if that’s the case. What if next year you decide to try your hand at contemporary romance? You have just shot that potential relationship opportunity.



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11 Responses to Book Reviews- How to Get Them and What to Do With Them

  1. Wow, this really is a niche that’s different. I’ve never seen a book on this topic before, but I think there are lots of self-published authors who need to read it.

  2. It makes sense that authors today feel they have to be their own marketing team. I think that goes with many professions actually but thanks to social media it is made easier.

  3. Jacqui Odell

    This sounds like a good book and that it could come handy. I haven’t had many experiences with book review.

  4. I have never been approached to write a book review, I just like to recommend books that I have enjoyed on my blog. Sounds like a great book though.

  5. It sound like a lot of work goes into being self published. I am sure the final product is rewarding!

  6. interesting article – interesting perspective – never seen anything about the “hows” of book reviews 🙂

  7. My list of books to read is getting longer and longer. This is very interesting.

  8. I’ve reviewed a few books.. and it is actually very interesting. It can get a quite addictive if I had the time in hand. I will not be able to do full justice if I can’t review thoroughly :-/ This book sounds like a good to guide someone who is interested in doing this more.

  9. This may be something my boyfriend would be interested in as he has several published novels. I’m sure he’d like to get some more reviews on them.

    • Felita

      Liz, thanks for stopping by. I’d love it if your boyfriend found out about my book. I hope it helps him in his career. He’s already done the hardest part, writing the books. The marketing is time consuming, but nothing that can’t be figured out.

  10. DJ Sakata

    As I blogger, I don’t think the way outlined in her excerpt – but maybe that is just me…