600 Second Saga!

600 Second LogoI’ve found a wonderful new place that readers and authors of sci-fi and fantasy alike are going to love.  Seriously, you all have to check this website out. Readers love discovering new authors.  This site is different in that there are flash fiction fantasy and science fiction readings.  600 Second goes to the notion that it could be a 10 minute long audio.

Here is the site’s main page.

I love this!  Hearing authors read from their work is so enjoyable, but all authors can’t travel to every town.  Some authors are shy and might feel they couldn’t do their writing justice.  Here, Mariah Avix does a professional level reading.  When they do their quality audio, they also share with readers a little about the authors.   One tip for readers, the heading for the post is usually referencing the content of the fiction they are going to hear.  Think of that as the short story title. However, they do have a link to the author’s recent book with the title and another to find out more about the author (their website or blog).

I’m going to share one of their readings right here (I have permission from Mariah).  I loved the title of this one, “You Sunk My Battleship…Again!” by Elise Abram.  I am also putting the link here for folks to get to the post to check it out.  Here.


P.S. for authors, they are taking submissions and they also have posts authors will find interesting.  In July they have one sharing helpful information on formatting books.  Subplots and complexities are discussed back in June.



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3 Responses to 600 Second Saga!

  1. What an awesome idea. People live by sound bytes this days. Checking it out. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Yes June, and I think Mariah does an excellent job. Maybe she’s had actress training. I’m going to interview her soon and I’ll try to find out her secret!

  2. Thanks very much for sharing this! Elise’s piece was a lot of fun. (Ok most of the pieces are a lot of fun.)