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Author Sienna Bronwyn/ Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 276 Pages

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First Book in the Series

Interestingly, this novel starts out in 1987.  One usually thinks of a science fiction work to be in the future?  But I suppose after you are on another planet, what does the year matter?  The author obviously has an interest in science fiction as her protagonist Jerusa mentions and references characters, books, and movies from that genre.  She is a self- proclaimed average brownie-baking mom. Upon her abduction she cries foul, there’s no reason for their interest in her.  Well, as the story goes on… she did have several hints through her life that she wasn’t really what you would call average.

She finds herself smack dab in the middle of a war on another planet.  Who is telling the truth, what do they want from her, who can she trust?  How can she escape? Oh, and how do these creatures mate?  The first blurb I read about this was that it was a sci-fi romance.  On one of the first title pages when I began reading I saw the label ‘erotic romance.’ Oops, wasn’t sure I was up for that!  However, I kept turning the pages.  The science fiction and adventure are the backbone of this work.  There are some explicit bedroom scenes but they are part of the storyline of the races characteristics, and how healing can be done. In this alien environment where she is dragged around like a pawn, does anyone around her begin to care for her?

Even though the kitchen kept calling for me to come clean it, I stayed in the living room chair reading while it rained outside. This was a well-plotted adventure with an interesting woman.  She’s not Wonder Woman (never saw her puke in an episode), but she has spunk and tries to be a good person as she is making difficult decisions. I really enjoyed this book.  If you like Farscape mixed with a little Red Shoes Diaries you will enjoy this book too.

P.S.  There was something I had not seen yet in an EBook. In the introductory pages there was an offer from the publisher to join a book club. This reminded me of the days I would get Harlequin Intrigues sent to me monthly in the mail with an invoice.  This was an updated version.  You would get the books for your eReader and PayPal to handle the rest.  They had two different clubs to select the genre you prefer reading in. It looked like a pretty good deal.

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Sienna BronwynSienna spent her adolescence staring at the dark skies over the Caribbean coast of Panama, dreaming up romantic adventures she now delights in writing down. She reads, writes and revels in romance, and she’s attracted to off-beat, sexy characters—in fiction and in real life! These days she lives a long way from the Caribbean, but when she drags her husband and children to Hermitage Castle to gaze at the stars, the vast beauty of space makes her feel at home. Who knows, maybe an alien will pop down and invite them on a ride?

You can find out more about Sienna and her books on her website:

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13 Responses to Review Black Hole Bounty

  1. Sienna Bronwyn

    Hola! Thanks for hosting Black Hole Bounty and for your review! I am so happy you ‘got’ my heroine, her journey, and the adventurous story I’m trying to tell. My publisher is in charge of labels, but have since removed the ‘erotic’ tag. I think they put that on there because there is some explicit content. Fun to write that, though. *Blush* I’ll be popping in to answer any questions should they arise. All the best, Sienna.

  2. momjane

    Really great review. Sounds like a fascinating story.

  3. Your book sounds fascinating, and thanks for hosting!

  4. Brian

    Sounds like an interesting story that I would really like to read, based on this review. Thanks!

  5. Kenneth E Sullivan

    i really loved the book review. Made me want to read the whole thing and see how things turn out.

  6. Brian

    Sci Fi plus erotica! I’d like to give that a read!

  7. Felita

    Thanks all for the compliments on the review. It is harder than most might imagine to write a balanced review that doesn’t give away the important plot parts but explains why you did or didn’t like something.

  8. Brian

    Final day….best of luck to all…..and sales and readership too!

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