We write our honest opinion about the books we receive (whether we purchased them or were provided them free of charge by publishers or authors). We appreciate that authors have spent a good deal of time working on their story. We also love the readers and hope to point them to the type of books they like to read.

We may include warnings of mature content or language in a review.

We are trying to be supportive of all writers, including the independent authors. We have seen lots of books uploaded that needed some serious editing. Even though the story and characters may be solid, grammar and typos can be a real turn off for many readers. Thus, we will include a sentence in the review much like, “we did see some grammatical and typographical errors that indicate lack of professional editing,” or “this book could be improved with professional editing.” This is only in the case where the errors are not frequent enough to make us put the book down.

We do not post reviews under three stars. This doesn’t mean we give all books rave reviews. The book that we can’t honestly endorse… we will drop the author an email letting them know we couldn’t post a review for them. We wish them well in their pursuits. We offer some feedback (grammar, pacing, weak characters or story line, etc.).

Acceptable Formats:

Hardcovers, paperbacks, and trade paperbacks are preferred (we can then offer it as a prize after the review is done). These don’t get any preferential treatment though.

We do ARC’s also, .mobi or PDF.

If/when we accept your request, we will let you know the physical address or tablet/kindle to send it to (we have a couple of reviewers).

Acceptable Genres:

I am still looking for someone to round out our reading of Young Adult / Children’s.

We do NOT review memoirs, nor do we cover the Erotica sub-genre.

Other than those exceptions, we are open to most others.

My personal favorites are Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Investing, Cookbooks (you may see me post a tutorial of one of the recipes out of a cookbook), Yoga, Writing, Website/Blog Building and Book Marketing.


Return Love:

After your review is posted if you would like to tweet about it or quote it on your blog/website, etc., please give some love back by mentioning our blog address (Lilac Reviews) or using a link to us. We greatly appreciate it.

If I personally have reviewed your book I will also post it on Amazon. It wouldn’t hurt my reviewer status if you spent a moment to “like” the review.


If you are still interested in getting a review, here are the steps:

  1. Send an email to ReviewRequest (at)
  2. In the comment line Review Request: (Title) – (Genre) of your book
  3. In the body of your email include:
    • 2 or 3 sentence description of the book
    • Your name (since email addy’s are sometimes cryptic and/or some writers use pen names)
    • Your email to respond if we are agreeing to review & when we’ve posted the review
    • Your publisher – their contact info so we can send a notice when the review is up (used to be called tear sheets in the old days).
    • Where your book can be purchased and what formats (audio, hardback, trade, paperback, eBook? etc.) A link to the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If your book is not out yet, include the date it is to be released.
    • Your author platform / website address
    • Let us know if your work is a standalone or part of a series. If a series what number is this and can it be read without having read the preceding books.

3 Responses to Reviews

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  2. J. Kaihua

    I’m a young author from Finland, and I go by the pen name J. Kaihua. I just wrote and published a book called The Mind of the Living. It is a short story of a conversation between a young monk seeking for knowledge and a book of infinite wisdom that has a mind of its own. I would categorize it as inspirational self-help. It is a pictured book and all of its images were picked from the collection of 150-200 year old pictures that the british library released for public use in 2014.
    The book will be free on amazon from 23.5-28.5, but I can send a copy for you after the free promotion period ends. Here’s the link to the book:
    It is a short read of 2000 words + 13 pictures, designed to be read quickly and easily accessed during our busy days, so it won’t take long to finish.
    I’m a new author and I’m very interested on hearing comments on my work. Good or bad, I don’t care. I just want to hear people’s opinion so that I can improve my craft.

    Best regards,

  3. Nilesh Rathod

    Great Reviews…! good work

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