Want to Review?

If you would like to volunteer to read and review some books for us, let us know!

We don’t want reviews that just repeat the blurb.  I want to know how you felt about it, who your favorite character was, did you learn something through the course of reading this book, maybe a favorite sentence that you felt was particularly great. In other words, what would you tell a gal pal about the book – why you liked it or how it was different from the last three books you read.  We want any combination of words to describe your experience with the book, not just the advertising copy.

We DO NOT give out the endings or spoilers as they are called.  We discuss the novel, not the author.

If you are still interested in being a reviewer, here are the steps:

  1. Send an email to Iwillreview (at) lilacreviews.com
  2. Include your name, the genres (mystery, romance, history, etc) you would be willing to read and review
  3. The formats you can review (physical book, Kindle, Nook, PDF, etc.)
  4. What time frame or how many books you would like to do.  (I can read and review one book per week for Lilac… I can do one per month till the kids are back in school…. etc)
  5. Send a link to a previous review you have written, or paste a sample review in the email.

3 Responses to Want to Review?

  1. Carrie White

    I’m defiantly interested in reading/reviewing!
    I have an obsessive compulsive disorder with reading &
    listening on my kindle.
    Kindleholic & proud of it!!

    • Felita

      If you are interested in reviewing for us send an email as described on the page you commented on. I don’t have a way to contact you otherwise.
      Felita Daniels

  2. Hello
    I make Maui Mike’s lip balm and sell on Amazon.com
    If you send me your address I would love to send you
    samples of Maui Mike’s to review.

    Thank you
    Maui Mike

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