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About the Book by Travis Hallden Holt

MediaKit_BookCover_UnholyBargainDeputy Sheriff Nate Barrington is riding the crest of a new relationship. Kaitlyn Spencer is beautiful, altruistic, enlightened—everything he’s not. She teaches classes in New Age philosophy at her growing school. Nate doesn’t share her spirituality, but the physical passion hasn’t subsided enough for him to care.

Nate’s nirvana quickly unravels when Kaitlyn’s life is threatened on two separate occasions. With no apparent motive or any evidence suggesting collusion, the police are stumped. Even more troubling to Nate, Kaitlyn is convinced she is the target of unseen forces. Namely, a spirit assassin.

A hardheaded pragmatist, Nate isn’t prone to believe that spirits can possess people. As far as he’s concerned, Kaitlyn’s claims of perpetrators possessed by a spirit assassin are on par with comic book stories and have nothing to do with reality, and her esoteric, New Age mumbo jumbo begins to drive a wedge into their relationship. And why Kaitlyn? What secret is she hiding?

But when strikes continue from random, unwittingly manipulated people who haven’t the remotest connection to Kaitlyn, Nate is forced to rethink his paradigm. Can an uncompromising realist broaden his mind in time to defend his girlfriend from a virtually invisible enemy?

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Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 224 Pages

This novel really gets you involved with the three pivotal characters. This couple is curious in that they meld so well together in the physical sense, but their belief systems are far apart. The Sherriff Nate Barrington, is a no- nonsense, tough guy. Yet he respects his intuition and instincts when working undercover. Kaitlyn Spenser is a new age proponent that teaches and spends time and energy helping local homeless charities.

The Journeyman, well, at first I really didn’t like him. He spewed anger and hatred. Then there came a point when I started to feel sorry for him. Then he began harming others. My feelings about him shifted again.

Nate didn’t seem all that emotionally attached to Kate (their relationship was a new one) until she gets hurt. Now his belief system is shaken as he tries to unravel where the threat to her is coming from. And more importantly, how can he fight against something he can’t see? This book was a strong read. I would recommend this to anyone that can handle heavy-duty conflicts in their books, and won’t get bent out of shape if something said doesn’t line up with their religious beliefs. The pacing was great and the threat of impending harm was palpable.

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About the Author

Travis Hallden Holt PhotoTravis Hallden Holt is a former U.S. Navy surface warfare officer and veteran of the Persian Gulf War. He’s worked the past twenty-two years in the corrections side of law enforcement, first in the prison system, then in the streets as a probation officer. He spent four years supervising felons in a south Atlanta neighborhood ranked the ninth most dangerous neighborhood in America, where one in every twelve residents becomes a victim of crime each year.

For years, his interests were in weaponry (both small arms and large scale), warfare tactics, hand-to-hand combat, criminal justice and unsolved crimes. But life has a way of molding perspectives, and Travis came to realize the physical world known to the five senses didn’t have all the answers. It scratched the surface, at best. Accordingly, Travis’s interests shifted to supernatural phenomenon, spirituality, the mysteries of life, the invisible world beyond our five senses and the forces that lie therein. He’s still a peace officer, but one who mingles with psychics, mystics, mediums, energy healers, shamans, gurus, artists and denizens of the “underground.”

Travis is the author of Unholy Bargain, a supernatural thriller published by Double Dragon Publishing. He resides in Atlanta, GA.

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16 Responses to Unholy Bargain

  1. Mai T.

    Can you share some stories about people you met while researching this book?

    • My inspiration for this story came when I interviewed a convicted murdered right after he was sentenced to life in prison. He was only 15 years old at the time of the murder. What made this strange was he had no motive, and he didn’t have a record. He was seemingly an average kid, but he ended up stabbing an elderly woman over 40 times. He calmly recounted the incident and described how he felt like an outside observer to the deed and wasn’t fully in control, and that there was a presence in the room he could feel, and this presence was pleased with his actions. I could go into more details but that is the gist of it. At the time of the interview, I had interviewed hundreds of convicted felons as part of my job, and I had learned to tell apart the liars from the honest ones. This kid was telling the truth, or at least it was what he believed to be the truth. He didn’t even fight the charges in court. Instead he pled guilty to life in prison without parole and seemed a little relieved to be locked away. Maybe he thought he was safe.

  2. Eva Millien

    Sounds like a great read, thanks for sharing and for the review!

  3. Becky Richardson

    Do you prefer paper or digital books?

  4. Victoria

    This sounds like a really great book, I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Nikolina

    This is a new author for me and the book sounds very intriguing, so I’d love to learn more!

  6. Anonymous

    Book Reports sends their love!

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  9. Ivana F.

    Amazing career Mr. Holt. You are new author to me and your book sounds great. Do you write on computer or you are more pen&paper person?

    • Most of my first draft of Unholy Bargain was written in spiral notebooks on my lunch hour. There was a nearby secluded park not far from my job, and I would usually choke down a sandwich on my way there and use as mush time as possible for writing. Then in the evening I would transcribe the writing onto my computer, editing in the process. I didn’t own a laptop at that time so this method worked for me and I felt productive…although my co-workers probably thought I was antisocial. They had no idea I was writing a book.

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  11. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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