Undercover with the Hottie

Author Juli Alexander | Reviewed by Angie Wright  |  181 Pages

This book started out slow but quickly gained speed. On a mission to save the UN Secretary General, Amanda and her boyfriend, Will, are teenage
spies head to New York on a secret mission. This book is definitely a teenage thriller that keeps the excitement going from page to page. Amanda’s Aunt Christie and Will’s Grandmother are both part of an elaborate plan to save the UN Secretary General. Things heat up when they realize, not only do they have to save him, they will also be saving the President of the United States. But the worst part about this undercover assignment for Amanda is that she has to pretend to be Will’s twin sister and keep her emotions in check. Her aunt warns them about blowing their cover and the importance of keeping up appearances. I won’t give away what happens but after you get past the halfway mark, you might as well just settle in because you are not going to want to put this book down for a second. This is a fun, quick read that will keep you in suspense while keeping you amused with the light comedy flowing throughout.

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  1. Do you feel that this book is appropriate for very young teens? What level of sexual/flirtation content is there?