Think Happy Club: Friendship

Author Grace Snoke and Illustrated by Anne Saucer

Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 26 Pages

Think Happy cover artThis book is categorized as self-help in relationships at Amazon. Where it is different than perhaps most other self-help books, is that it is whimsical and fun. There are charming illustrations. In a child-like method it is brought to your attention that relationships shouldn’t be taken for granted. There are suggestions of actions to be taken to strengthen your friendships.

On my tablet, which utilizes Kindle software for Android, every other page was blank. I am not sure if this will be everyone else’s experience. Grace Snoke and Anne Saucer are talented individuals and I wish them well in their endeavors. This was a delightful bit of fun to reinforce what we should be doing for healthy relationships with our friends and loved ones.

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About the Author

Grace SnokeGrace Snoke was born in San Antonio, Texas, where she lived for 13 years before moving to Kerrville, Texas. She attended college at Angelo State University where she met her husband and a year later moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where she continued her education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is a corporate journalist working as an internal communications contractor and website administrator for Fortune 500 companies. Her first book, “Think Happy Club: Friendship,” was co-written by Anne Saucer, a colleague at a gaming website they had both worked for previously.

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19 Responses to Think Happy Club: Friendship

  1. Sometimes reading things of this nature in the simplistic, child-like nature that is presented in this book can be very helpful!

  2. A book on relationships with a twist. Author probably wrote it in a style that is easy to relate to with humor, which makes sense. It’s fun to read.

  3. Some of the best books are in some way childlike, that’s why The Peace Book and The Little Prince have stuck with me for so many years!

  4. So easy to read and great fun. Enjoyed reading this posr

  5. Loved reading this post! It’s interesting to see books like this!

  6. That must feel great to have created a successful ebook, I love the message you are sending through your work.

  7. I love the idea of dealing with adult topics using child like illustrations. Sometimes even thinking about these subjects can feel draining and heavy, but approaching it in such a fun and creative way makes a big difference!

  8. Nice article and really simple to read. I am also an avid reader of books.

  9. Relationships should not be taken for granted ..nice book

  10. Lovely book. I love how nice and simply it is but yet brings such hot topic as the complexity of human relations. The cover is a total love

  11. Great post and book, think I may give it a read myself!

  12. This is sounds so interesting. Am surely gonna give it a try. Thanks for the post!

  13. I love simple books such as this! Wish you would’ve given a little bit more detail in the review, but I’m definitely intrigued. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Kati

    Sounds like an interesting book 🙂 I like the illustrations’ style – it draws my attention definitely.

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  17. This book sounds intriguing.. Will check it out!

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