Searching for Meaning in Gailana

About the Book by John H. T. Francis

Gailana is the central island of the world; Aurganots, Reminos, Hindarassis, Pelanese, and Free People, different societies with different customs and values, live in it. Gailana is old, with a history rich in events and civilisations. The mother island has undergone important changes in recent decades, including a devastating war from which the Aurganots emerged victorious. Following this war, Aurganot has become a country of wealth, technology, and power, dominating all others.

In this modern age, Aurganots value their new found joie de vivre; Pelanese love commerce and business; Reminos are still dedicated to honour and glory in war; Hindarassis continue to care most about their families; and the Free People cherish their freedom above anything else. Among the Free People, a young Levon has set a high and ambitious goal: to seek and find the ultimate meaning of all that humans do. Levon has been on his intellectual quest for years, and the coming days are significant. Paratos, the sage of Gailana, is in the land of the Free People, and Levon is readying to meet him. The young man knows that something life changing will come out from this meeting, only he does not imagine what.

In this fictional first part of The Story in Three Parts, John H.T. Francis tells the story of Levon, a young and sincere soul looking for meaning in a changing world. This short novel will take you on a journey through Gailana, shows you its diversity, and brings you close to many of its human aspects. Events will develop fast on the island, and Levon is about to be in the midst of them.

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A packed crowd, young and old, has gathered since the early morning on the opposite side of the Nordavia Square. All are in clear expectation of something important to take place.

An old man appears amidst the crowd, and they all fall silent. Paratos, the revered sage of the Free People, is in Nordavia. As Paratos makes his way through the gathering, the crowd clears the path, and it seems as if a virtual sphere of awe and sacredness is making its way through the crowded corner. Paratos is old, thin, and tall; his face is equally thin, long, wrinkled by age, and covered with soft short white hair and a light white beard. He treads slowly, leaning forward, as if he carries a heavy weight on his back, gazing to the ground before him, and yet giving the impression of being always aware of his surroundings. The old man relies on a tall, thin olive branch, from which he never parts, to move. He is covered by a long, soft, and what would otherwise have been, white drape of linen but is now sullied and worn by use and time, and altogether veering towards an undefined dirty grey colour.

Paratos stops precisely in the middle of the crowd; he is where he wants be. He throws down a dark purple piece of cloth in front of him, takes off his worn open sandals, and brings himself down gently to the ground. Everybody in the crowd moves down in tandem with the old sage. With bowed heads, not daring to look him straight in the face, they all listen. Silence reigns in the Nordavia Square.

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Author John H. T. Francis / Reviewed by Felita Daniels/ 94  Pages

This work tells you up front that it is to be in three parts.  However, this isn’t a situation where you are left with a cliffhanger and need the other two to complete the story.  Rather, the first book is a story in itself. In Part two there will be a theoretical, or more of a philosophical discussion.  A practical approach will surface in part three.  For those of you that like to see the human side of the story before getting into the “study” of a topic.  This book is definitely the one you want to start with.

So many folks these days only think of themselves.  What they want and how they can get it.  Levon wants to know the meaning of why we are here. We travel on his journey with him.

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About the Author

John H.T. Francis is a general thinker and writer. His main interests are in the condition of the modern man, human knowledge, and social development in our modern times. The author is universal in his calling and approach.

John H.T. Francis is the author of the trilogy The Story in Three Parts and Reflections on Fundamental Matters: Not for the Satisfied Mind. He is regularly on the move geographically and combines with his writings a career of entrepreneurship, which he hopes will one day yield similar merits in the world of action as in the world of thought.

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