Satyr Wars: Volume IV – A Naiad Hope

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Satyr Wars Cover ArtA long time from now in a dimension far, far away… When Enya’s brother Jack is kidnapped, the young naiad and a ramshackle team of rescuers find themselves on the run from zombie elves and are soon forced to confront the dreaded Black Matron of Death. With the help of a cowardly vampire, an elf prince, a band of rebels, and a magic lamp, Enya will stop at nothing to defeat the Black Matron and bring Jack home.

It is classified as Science Fiction & Fantasy and the expected publication date is April 19 by Indie Artist Press

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Our Review

Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 166 Pages

I first want to mention that even though there is adventure and danger, this book is appropriate for teens and young adult. As you can tell from the beautiful cover art and the blurb about the book itself, there is a juxtaposition of science fiction and fantasy elements. Satyrs and zombies, in the same book?

Like many life changing adventures, the characters here struggle with personal issues while endeavoring to save those they love and themselves from harm. Unlike regular folks that can mull something over for a while, Enya must take action and use her instincts quickly. Other characters grow out of necessity rather than choice also.

I liked the author’s easy going voice in her writing style. Her characters are likable and mysterious to some extent. When you first meet the initial cast they speak to each other as if they are a Mayberry family, with simple neighbors, living their daily lives. Then page by page you discover more surprises. I applaud this author for letting the reader discover these morsels along the way instead of just dumping a whole bunch of backstory into an introductory chapter. I think this will be a popular book among those that love sword and sorcery style books.


About the Author

Becca Bates PhotoBecca Bates was an avid reader from an early age and often created stories of her own, though it wasn’t until high school that she began writing her first novel. After writing for a few years as a side hobby, her love for it grew until she decided it was her greatest passion and something worth pursuing professionally. Her first novella, A World of My Own, was published in October 2015.
Becca is currently working on two fantasy series, Satyr Wars, which will debut April 2016, and The Eridan Chronicles, which is planned to debut late 2016. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband, David, and their cat, Cole, the spirit of compassion.

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