Plot Fiction Like The Masters

Author Terry Richard Bazes / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 103 Pages

Smart writers read a great deal. They love words so that’s not really surprising. The smart part is that not only are they enjoying a novel for entertainment, they are learning skills consciously or unconsciously. Mr. Bazes takes this a step further and deconstructs what exactly were the strategies and techniques used by some authors he admires.

It was a wonderful move that he selected three entirely different writers
to chat about. These approaches work no matter what genre you write. Some writer’s struggle with a slumping middle to their books. Terry’s discussion of the James Bond book Dr. No draws attention to how the tension was kept up. For those that like are looking to improve their plotting, a look at Pride and Prejudice is next. Evelyn Waugh rounds out the masters.

It may sound crazy, because you are reading a book, but I felt like I was having a great confab with writer friends at a restaurant talking about our craft and things we’d seen our favorite writers do. I’d be reading along and found myself responding to comments Terry was making. Talking back in my mind, ‘Yes, I never thought of it that way, what if you…”

It’s not a heavy or large book. Maybe that’s why I felt I was sharing an evening with a writing buddy. Certainly it reinforced the idea that a good underlying structure, though invisible to the casual reader, contributes greatly to the success of the work. I would recommend this read to any fiction writer.



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