Perish in the Palm

About the Book by Kari Lee Townsend

Sunny’s life is finally on track.
Her fortune-telling business in the quaint town of Divinity, New York is running smoothly, her parents have finally stopped interfering, and her boyfriend Detective Mitch Stone has moved in with her. But then her life derails, leaving the palm of her hand empty and her dreams just out of reach. With Sunny’s mischievous cat Morty under foot and quirky Granny Gert flitting around, cohabitation with Mitch becomes nearly impossible. Then Sunny’s parents show up for her best friend’s wedding, causing all sorts of trouble. Sunny’s future is put on hold when the innkeeper’s lifeline is literally cut short at the reception, and Sunnys’ mother is named the prime suspect. Sunny must use her clairvoyant abilities to clear her mother’s name and take her life back in her own hands before the real killer gives a whole new meaning to ‘till death do us part…

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Author Kari Lee Townsend/ Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 274 Pages

This was a fun little read. I felt the author did a little more telling than showing in the introductory chapters. Sometimes authors feel they have to quickly bring new readers in a series up to speed on the characters. This is book number four in this series. I hadn’t read any of the others, but their titles intrigue me: 1) Tempest in the Tea Leaves, 2) Corpse in the Crystal Ball, and 3) Trouble in the Tarot. I think all books in a series build on each other, but you could read this book as a standalone and not be lost.

The book description on Amazon and elsewhere let the cat out of the bag, who befalls tragedy and who initially gets blamed. So I was looking forward to seeing about Sunny Meadow’s clairvoyant abilities, how they worked and how she used them in catching a killer. Could it be too easy to read everyone’s future? Can you see your own future as a fortune teller?

There’s quite a bit about couple’s relationships in this book. The characters are interesting and fun to be around. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, these may be a new author to try.

Perish in the Palm (a Sunny Meadows Mystery) (Volume 4)

About the Author

Author Photo Kari Lee TownsendNational Bestselling Author, Agatha, RT Reviewers Choice & Golden Duck Award Nominee. Kari Lee Townsend lives in central New York with her very understanding husband, her three busy boys, and her oh-so-dramatic daughter. A former teacher with a masters in English education and a background in freelance editing, she is a long-time lover of reading and writing. She is best known as the author of the Fortune Teller Mystery series, but also writes romance and women’s fiction (under the name Kari lee Harmon), as well as children’s fiction about tween superheroes. These days, you’ll find her at home happily writing her next novel and still trying to find out whodunit.

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