Out of Practice Aphrodite

The Naughty Goddess Chronicles Book 1

Author S. E. Babin / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 211 Pages

This was a fun little read. Most of my gal pals can relate to this premium coffee drinking, Twinkie eating heroine. The part we would all envy is that because she is a goddess, she doesn’t gain weight! She’s got an attitude that makes her fun, but gets her in a bind sometimes. That’s how the story opens. She’s woken up from a crazy evening at a Kiss concert and there’s hell to pay. But on this occasion she may not be entirely at fault. That’s the first hint that something may be going on that is more evil and twisted than her mischievous ways.

I loved her best friend Artie, Goddess of the Hunt. She is fiercely loyal to her BFF and that immediately made me fall in love with her. There were some spots where the pace slowed a tad. Aphrodite’s worrying about who she could trust was sometimes repetitious. But, hey these gods and goddesses where into drama, scheming and grapevine gossip. So maybe that’s a given. All in all, it is enjoyable poolside reading.

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