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Lexicon Chase could feel the end of her rope slipping through her hands. From a broken home of very little means, Lexicon had learned to live without fashion, makeup, friends, or even a future. The bullies of her every day had taken her self worth, her dignity, her hopes, and her dreams, and the accusations they made began to ring with truth. Now that she was in high school, she had less, and no reason to even hold on.
That was until her grandmother passed to her an heirloom and dark family secret.
For forty-seven years, her grandmother ruled as queen of a fantasy kingdom. A kingdom full of pageantry and mystery, magic and fairies, a kingdom called Everhope. On the worst of all of Lexicon’s terrible days, her grandmother decides to step aside, and pass Everhope to Lexicon.
Instantly, Everhope becomes Lexicon’s final refuge from the bullies of her real world. In Everhope, Lexicon is the princess. In Everhope, she is the unquestionable ruler. In Everhope, Lexicon can do as she wants, but more importantly escape the schoolyard predators.
Also in Everhope, there hides an ancient evil eternally seeking its vengeance.
The wonder Lexicon inherited has begun to change, and what should have been her escape now threatens her very life, and her new kingdom grows dark. But after all the years of torment at the hands of her bullies, Lexicon finally has a reason to stand up and fight, and that reason is Everhope.

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Author Jonathan Fore / Reviewed by Felita Daniels

First off, I have to give a nod to the letter this father wrote to his daughter, it was precious.  He’s quoted in an interview to say:

“This story, and the ones that follow and make up the entire Lexicon Chase series was written for her, and that magical twinkle of wonder she holds in her eyes.”

This work is really well written and entertaining.  The author also educates and gives resources about the issues of bullying at his website. In the introductory chapters, I can see the realism in how Lexi feels she should just keep a low profile and that asking an authority figure could just make things worse. Then the adventure begins when she finds herself in Everhope. This is a wonderful story about how a young girl feels about herself, her world and how people should be treated. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to others and look forward to more in the series.


About the Author

Jonathan_Fore (2)After graduating Manalapan High School in 1987, Jon enlisted in the United States Navy, serving a combat role during Desert Storm. His first professional short story, “Mid Watch” sold in 2004 to The PowWow Paper. This was to precede a number of short stories, thesis, and even poetry publishing credits over the next two years with periodicals such as The Storyteller, Events Quarterly, Crime and Suspense Magazine and Dystopia Magazine. In 2006, his short story, “Undone”, was nominated for a PushCart Prize by Storyteller Magazine.


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