Fallen Redemption

About the book by RB Austin
Paranormal, 334 Pages

Cover Fallen RedemptionCade committed himself to saving lives before he learned the full consequences of his life-altering decision. It wasn’t until he was tending his sick wife that he learned the enormity of what he’d done and he was unable to save her from the monster he had become. Consumed with guilt and praying for absolution, he threw himself into killing every Fallen he could find to save the humans he’d sworn to protect. But then Emma, deliciously mortal and completely forbidden, swept into his world, stirring an overpowering desire. Now he’s not only fighting soulless creatures, but also his inner cravings, trying to maintain his distance and continue on his path to forgiveness. He can’t afford to lose control again and sacrifice another love.


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Reviewed by Guest Reviewer, the Twisted Book Carmudgeon

Lots of romance and lots of action. The story begins with Cade and his back story of tragedy that creates the honorable crusader he is. When he meets Emma, who has just lost her job as an art teacher, she is attacked by an evil group called The Fallen. Cade and Emma are great characters, well rounded and very believable.
The twist in the story is a great concept and the rules of good and evil are definitely blurred. The end could have been less of a cliffhanger. I will be looking for the sequel to find out some unanswered questions.
Being a romance novel it was a bit predictable, but that only made it more endearing. Loved the use of words only used by the members of the groups. Nice touch. As a SciFi lover, I wanted more about the Fallen and Cade’s group, the Behnshma, but still an excellent concept and a book worth reading.

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