Beat Writer’s Block

The Write Life Series: Beat Writer’s Block, Increase Productivity and Maximize Your Word Count Every Day 

Authors Courtney Danyel and Connie Brentford

Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 60 Pages

This book is great if you are having issues with writer’s block. If you were looking to this work for the “Increase Productivity and Maximizing Your Word Count” information, it is very light in that area. I think the cover art misled me a little. The Write Life is evidently the series title, not this particular book’s title. The content is all about writer’s block. Certainly, someone looking for a cure for their writing career stall out would be glad when this work gets them results.

I did appreciate that the table of contents was a meaningful list of what was contained in the book. Not just a simple “Chapter 1, Chapter 2” as some books have. Tips and quotes from other authors were in a larger size type. I felt this changing of font size and spacing around links and questions gave the work a bit of an inconsistent look.

There are several mentions of other sites as resources. The authors have also included lots of questions, exercises, and writing prompts and such to get you doing something to get yourself out of writer’s block.

I should mention two offers that have included:

There’s a bonus offer for the second book in the Write Life series if you sign up with your email.

Launch offer! Get Connie Brentford’s Five Star rated, Twitter for Authors: Book Marketing and Brand Building video course (a $97 value) at Udemy, for FREE. There is a limited time coupon inside for the first 100 book buyers.

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