My Life of Crime

Guest Post by Author J M Edwards

I killed someone the other day. With a donut. And it made me smile.

But it wasn’t a real murder. Or, for that matter, a real donut.

The crime and weapon are at the heart of Death by Donut, the second title in my new humorous mystery series featuring Ruby Wisdom, the only private investigator in the small and very imaginary New York town of Wormwood. As a lifelong fan of both humor and stories featuring clever, confident detectives, I decided to combine both when I launched my life of crime. I also decided to add a dollop of cozy, a dash of hardboiled and a few spoonfuls of quirky.

Author PhotoWhile I’m a lifelong fan of detective fiction, suspense thrillers and police procedurals, I most often read cozy mysteries. Over the years, I’ve developed an affinity for a wide selection of amateur sleuths, including Goldy Schulz, Sarah Kelling, Miss Marple, Marla Shore and Agnes Barton. The list is long and populated with men and women, cats and dogs, witches and ghosts.

Ruby Wisdom fits snugly into the category alongside these and many other witty, self-assured sleuths. She tried the big city and a life on Wall Street. But when that career ended, Ruby decided to pursue her childhood dream—working as a private investigator. To meet the requirements of New York State and become a licensed PI, she found a job as an associate for a well-known sleuth in Albany. When she’d satisfied the state prerequisites and earned her license, Ruby returned to her hometown, rented an office and launched her new enterprise as the only private investigator in Haverstraw County.

Since then, she and I have been very busy. I create the villains, select the victims and orchestrate the crimes. Ruby steps in at some point in the early pages of each book to unravel the mystery and identify the scoundrels, criminals and guilty parties. Together, we make a good team. I enjoy the life of a writer—working behind the scenes to craft what I hope will be an engaging, entertaining and compelling story. Ruby loves the life of a PI—asking questions, interviewing witnesses and deducing clues. In short, she loves using her little grey cells to eliminate the impossible and find the truth.

Although I have committed one or two actual offenses in my life—ignoring my mother’s warning not to steal cookies from the baking trays while they cooled in the kitchen or pinching a few dollars from my sister’s purse when I was six—my criminal pursuits today are confined to an imaginary world.

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I like bringing Ruby to life. She loves solving crimes. Together, we make a good team. And, so far, readers agree. Here are a few of the comments they shared after finishing the first Ruby Wisdom title, Handcuffs & High Heels:

  • “There was something on almost every page that brought a smile to my face.”
  • “This is a well developed mystery with lots of twists and turns. It truly kept me guessing until the end, as well as laughing out loud with very turn of the page. I can hardly wait to spend more time with Ruby.”
  • Ruby Wisdom is “a smart cookie who follows the evidence.”
  • “One of the other reasons I enjoyed this book is because the killer wasn’t who I expected it to be. I hate when I’m reading a mystery and halfway through I figure out who’s at fault. In this book, it wasn’t an issue, and I appreciated that.”
  • “I give Ruby a five! She is feisty, smart and comfortable in her own skin. All the other supporting characters are a hoot and a half. Can’t wait to read the next adventure.”

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