Emotional Hurdles of Writers

I asked Chris Birdy to share with us a little about the emotional hurdles of being a writer.  This is what she had to share.
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Chris Birdy has a background in investigative work. This positioned her very well for writing mysteries!

Many writers complain about writer’s block. Others lament over their fear of public speaking for PR events. Some go on Facebook and share bad reviews with half the known world.

I don’t have writer’s block. I have too much to say and not enough time to get it down. I’m a hyper multi-tasker in perpetual motion. I write, edit, promote and network while mulling over future plots.

Public speaking is no problem for me. I’ve learned that being prepared reduces the stress level by 50%. After spending years doing investigative work and meeting with people who pulled guns on me, I don’t have a meltdown when I’m speaking to a group of readers. They’re far less dangerous than drug dealers or crack addicts.

Negative reviews hurt. Anyone who says they don’t is lying. I’ve received them, read them and yelled at the screen using enough profanity to melt the monitor. Then I try to move past that point and not set up camp on that spot.

I must admit to one fear, though. I’ve had disturbing dreams about going into a book store to do a signing, and nobody shows up. A variation on that dream is standing at a podium ready to share my wit and wisdom with an audience only to realize all the seats are empty. Those are my fears, and I hope I never realize them.

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