Breathing Life Into the Story

Guest Post by Moira Keith

Author Photo Moira KeithUndoubtedly, every author wants their story to have life to it. Something that helps make it real to the reader no matter what the genre. It’s what helps readers feel invested in the tale the author created. Characters are key to that. As an author, I aspire to create someone who, at the very heart of their existence can incite you to cheer for them. Breathe a little life into them so they can leap off the page, if even just for a brief shining moment. A perfect example would be Jayde. She is a mash-up of friends and family members whose qualities and personalities I admire.
In my mind’s eye, Jayde is someone who knows her weakness, shares a deep love for those closest to her, and has a quiet strength that she doesn’t even realize she possesses. She surrounds herself with people who have suffered great loss, but have a more visible strength because it makes her feel safe in a world where very little is within her control.

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Caleb, like most of my heroes, incorporates many things both attractive and infuriating in a man. Because after all, shouldn’t the hero always walk that line of driving you insane all the while drawing you closer to him? Caleb is a man who draws you to him. It’s deeper than what’s visible on the surface. He has a confidence to him that I admire, but at the same time there’s a quiet battle raging inside. Only those who know the truth of what he’s endured even know the inner war he fights.

Breathing life into my characters by borrowing from real life is a necessity in my opinion. In life, we are driven by emotion, sometimes more than logic or common sense. We are driven by passion, desire, hope, pain, fear, and hatred. Shouldn’t the characters in books be reflections of who we are? After all even they are only…human. 

About the Book A Soul to Keep

In the realm of the Fallen, there’s a little saint and sinner in us all…

One moment can impact the future.

Love never served Jayde Cross well and owing a debt to a demon is the proof. Reaping is a lonely existence and with her thirtieth birthday approaching, she’s got enough to worry about without adding romance to the mix. It’s why her friendship with the man living next door works so well. They both live lives filled with secrets and ignoring their self-imposed rules isn’t an option. Too bad her heart disagrees.

The past is about to come back and haunt one of Heaven’s Fallen.

Caleb Thorne always found living among mortals difficult, until he met the intriguing woman down the hall. She demands nothing of him and is completely safe. When an enemy from his past catches up with him, Caleb soon discovers the rules of the Fallen exist for a reason and loving a mortal may prove to be the bigger danger.

In a world where their love is forbidden, Jayde and Caleb may just discover that sometimes breaking rules is the only thing that can set you free.

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About the Author

Moira Keith is a lover of shoes, a connoisseur of Guinness, baker of cocktail themed cupcakes, and an overall complete mess! She is also a proud Texan by birth (and true Southern girl at heart).

Moira lives in the city of neon with her twin zombie sons, a fish, three parakeets, and a turtle.

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13 Responses to Breathing Life Into the Story

  1. Mai T.

    As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

    • Oh the usual…a rockstar, an artist, and at one point I very seriously considered marine biology. I read about a program where marine biologists not only worked to find ways to conserve the oceans, but used Dolphins to help children with learning disabilities. I have cousins with Autism and thought that would be an interesting field to be involved in.

  2. Thanks for having me today!

  3. Megan A

    this book sounds right up my alley, cant wait to check it out

  4. Thank you for sharing a part of your writing process. You’re right that drawing from real life is a great way to bring life to characters. I think even in fantasy/paranormal type novels it is those real life scenarios that really make the book feel “right.”

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