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11 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Kim Page

    Hope you have a fantastic New Year…be safe and always happy!!

  2. Felita

    Thanks Kim, the same to you!

  3. Hello,

    I am delighted that you will be hosting my new novella on your blog on June 26. I didn’t know if Marianne and Judy could find enough blogs that wished to review science fiction for young readers. I am glad you volunteered. Here’s a link to a recent review of the book (, and here’s a summary from the back cover:

    “The young Tsaeb warrior Corr Syl has discovered he hates killing and is brooding about his future when a frantic call alerts him that someone has kidnapped his friend, the beautiful and frustrating Rhya Bright. The kidnapper uses Rhya to bait a trap for Corr, unaware of the superior combat abilities of Tsaeb warriors. When Corr survives and Rhya overwhelms a room full of guards and almost escapes, the kidnapper realizes his mistake, takes Rhya, and flees, leaving false trails and traps in his wake. Corr borrows a mysterious old warship from a museum and the chase begins.”

    I will publicize the appearance to my 30,000+ followers and I will visit your blog and respond to comments. Please let me know if you have suggestions or questions.

    Thank you.


  4. Thank you so very much for hosting my book launch on your site!
    I feel very honored and delighted. I would like to send you a copy of the book in a mobi file, if you so please. Let me know where to send it.
    Much aloha your way,

  5. I’ve been searching the site, but can’t find the Review Request form/instructions. Could you tell me where to look for what? Thanks!

    • Kate

      For anyone in the future having trouble, I found it by clicking on the word “Reviews” at the top of the screen (not holding my mouse over it and going to one of the menu options that pop out below) Hope someone finds this helpful

  6. Kate

    For anyone in the future having trouble, I found it by clicking on the word “Reviews” at the top of the screen (not holding my mouse over it and going to one of the menu options that pop out below) Hope someone finds this helpful

  7. June Joseph

    Thanks Kate. That was helpful. I couldn’t find the ‘Review” too initially.

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Bill Russell

    I can’t find any of Polly Becks books after Thursdays Child. I see tidbits regarding Fri, Sat and Sundays Child but no books. If you have info please tell me where to go to find a book store. T hank you…………..Bill Russell, 304-9 33rd St., Ocean City, MD 21842. 410-289-4110

  10. Anonymous

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