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Metamorphosis Excerpt and Contest

About the Book  Metamorphosis: The Trey Parker Story by Author R.W. Reels

Metamorphosis: The Trey Parker Story, the first novel in a three-part paranormal thriller series. Cover MetamorphisisA young male is forever changed after a near death experience. His incident invites the attention of a covert Government agency. A gritty detective remains diligent in discovering the facts of the incident and encounters opposition from the unlikeliest of places.

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Review: Drama Queens and Adult Themes

Author Kevin Klehr / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 220 Pages

Cover Art Drama QueensFor me, the strongest emotional banter was between Ipan the guardian angel and Fabian, the warlock. Adam, Wade and Mannix were likeable enough. But they Adam and Wade seemed to not consider their infatuation with Mannix to be much to worry about. I realize that Fabian had put a spell or hex on them. But when not in Mannix’s presence, and when they were together in their home, I would think they might give a moment to worry about the potential damage this flirtation could cause to their long standing relationship.

The viewpoint changes from character to character, but it is identified with a chapter headings. There are really three differing settings.   There is the Medieval Sector where the angel, white witch, Fabian and others hang out. In the present on earth is where we share time with the three men and their work mates. Then there are also bits of memories from Adam’s past that we experience as he remembers his encounters with an angel in childhood dreams. The pacing of the work is even and the characters are all well drawn. There is some humor to the work. You really DO want to know what, exactly is going to be the outcome of this predicament. I won’t spoil it for you, you will have to pick up the book to find out for yourself.

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About the Book

Adam’s about to discover how much drama a mid-life crisis can be. He’s obsessed with Mannix, the nude model in his art class. But Adam has been married to Wade for nearly two decades, and they don’t have an open relationship.

Little do they know that Fabien, a warlock from the Afterlife, has secretly cast a spell of lust on Adam and his potential toy-boy.

As things begin to heat up, Adam’s guardian angel, Guy, steps in. But what’s the best way to save the relationship? Should Guy subdue Adam’s wandering passions or instigate a steamy threesome?

About the Author

Kevin lives with his long-term partner in their humble apartment (affectionately named Sabrina), in Australia’s own ‘Emerald City,’ Sydney.

Author Photo Kevin KlehrFrom an early age Kevin had a passion for writing, jotting down stories and plays until it came time to confront puberty. After dealing with pimple creams and facial hair, Kevin didn’t pick up a pen again until he was in his thirties. His handwritten manuscript was being committed to paper when his social circumstances changed, giving him no time to write. Concerned, his partner, Warren, snuck the notebook out to a friend who in turn came back and demanded Kevin finish his novel. It wasn’t long before Kevin’s active imagination was let loose again. The result was Drama Queens with Love Scenes, the first in a series of Afterlife tales.

Kevin is looking forward to thumping the keys on his laptop and churning out stories until it’s time for him to gain firsthand experience of the hereafter.

 Website | Twitter | Facebook 

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Review: Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro

Author J. L Hickey / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 220 Pages

Beast of Bladenboro Cover ARtI think this series has lots of potential. There were wonderful characters with a balance of emotions and character traits. I applaud that the adventure was mixed with intelligent discovery, mythology and science. There is certainly a great framework for future adventures. There is conflict with human adversaries, with the beasts and with the children dealing with the death of their parents. The arrival at a mysterious house with an unknown, busy godparent/care taker reminded me of the Chronicles of Narnia.

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Audio Review: Creatura

Author Nely Cab / Narrated by Helen Cricco / Reviewed by Felita Daniels

9 hours and 59 minutes

This was an intriguing story about a teenager on the verge of graduation and college. She is having trouble Creatura Audible Photosleeping and addressing this issue throws her into a world previously unknown to her. I was reviewing this in audiobook form. Honestly, I have to say I think I would have enjoyed the book more.

The narrator, Helen Cricco, decided to give David an accent. I couldn’t tell if she was going for vampire, or Russian. He’s not from Russia. I may have missed an explanation somewhere, but his mother and two brothers don’t remotely speak with an accent such as David’s.

Clair, Isis’s mother, and Gabriel’s voices came off as childish. There were times I felt Isis was taking care of her mother more than the other way around. I had trouble sorting out if I felt that way because of the narrator’s voice for the mother.

On to my comments about the plot line- I think the writing is solid. Isis starts out with her sleep problem, but soon has additional discoveries and conflicts in her life. She’s navigating a current romance, dealing with an ex, finding out about her birthright and secrets her mother may have kept from her. The author did a good job of interweaving these so that the novel felt like it was going forward to a critical point. Isis shows strength at times, and doubt at others. There’s a nice blend.

There is a lot resolved near the end, but there is a cliffhanger that will draw you into the second novel in the series. I would recommend the book version of this novel to anyone who enjoys young adult paranormal with a dash of drama.


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Review: Battle Cry

Author Melissa Snark / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 363 Pages

Loki’s Wolves Book 2PrizeImage

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Powerful writing in this novel! I have no doubt that one would love to read book one in this series before starting this one. However, I had no trouble following the plot or getting involved with the characters. Melissa uses all her senses when writing. The smells of battle and death are included here. The writing is descriptive, clear and polished.

It might be hard to find a person that hasn’t been exposed to a vampire or werewolf movie or book at some point in their life. Melissa doesn’t stop at the surface. She has built a multi-layered world and respects the lore and legends.

Battle Cry CoverI had never seen this concept and loved this:

“The lone hunter sprinted toward the pack of enormous wolves. He reached across his torso to claw at the stylized dagger inked on the back of his forearm: his tattoo weapon, indestructible and always with him. The intricate artwork had rough edges that overlaid scorched scar tissue like a brand. Dark tendrils of energy surrounded the knife arcing beneath the surface of his skin.”

I also liked the small bit of business about the books some of the characters were reading. Speaking of the characters, the banter of the hunters, the pack loyalty/mentality, and the evil of the vampires… could have easily been trite. Not so with Battle Cry, they are 100% believable. You wonder how good guys you are rooting for could be against odds with each other. But they are in a complicated situation, reeling from past tragedy and trying to untangle truth to find their ground. Anyone that appreciates paranormal storylines will enjoy this read.

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Fast Facts About Melissa Snark

  • Melissa Snark is published with The Wild Rose Press & as an Indie author with five unique titles: A CAT’S TALE, THE MATING GAME, LEARNING TO FLY, THE CHILD THIEF, and HUNGER MOON.
  • Her Loki’s Wolves series includes THE CHILD THIEF, HUNGER MOON and Melissa Snark PhotoBATTLE CRY.
  • She lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband, three children and a glaring of cats.
  • She is a professional cat herder and unrepentant satirist who blogs about books and writing on The Snarkology:

Website  |  Blog Facebook  |  Twitter

Goodreads  |  Amazon Author Page

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Interview with Denise Montcrief

Author Denise MoncriefWhat is a funny or embarrassing publishing story that you have?

Many, many years ago, I self-published a non-fiction book through a print on demand distributor. (No, I’m not going to tell the pen name or the book title. Some things just need to stay in the past. J ) This book was published back when print on demand was just taking off. The book had been available for months, I’m not sure how many, and sold quite a few copies before I realized the title was misspelled on the spine. Now, I always check the spine for typos.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

The toughest criticism? I don’t know. I’ve had my share of negative comments just like any other author who has been around awhile. It comes with putting my work out in the public for commentary. Probably the hardest to take are the reviews that don’t really tell me why the reader disliked the book. The best compliment came from a reviewer of Deceptions of the Heart. The reviewer said the book was “unputdownable.” I love that, and that’s what I try to do, make my books unputdownable. Continue reading


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Spotlight: Bring Me To Life

(Time Walkers – Book 1)  Supernatural/Paranormal/Adult

Bring Me To Life CoverThey say love can conquer all … but Vincent’s been dead for two hundred years, and Bryna is the one who killed him! Ominous warnings, time travel, love, revenge, vampires, demons, and so much more … Emma Weylin presents Bring Me to Life, Book 1 of her amazing new paranormal romance series, Time Walkers.

Being dead sucks, or so Vincent Asher believes. He’s spent the last two hundred years of his death battling vampires because his boss won’t let him kill demons. Known as a force called the Wraith, Vincent has become bored with preventing the apocalypse. When he hopes his boss will give him a more exciting assignment, he gets the shock of his afterlife. He must protect the woman who killed him.

Bryna Wildrose accidently killed the only man she ever loved. In a self-imposed death sentence, she’s spent the last ten years of her life trying to get herself killed. She never meant to kill Vincent, and the guilt is eating her alive. A vampire gives her a dire warning. The Wraith is coming for her. She can run, or she can let death take her. Continue reading

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Spotlight: Rebirth of the Seer

The Vampire Flynn #2

Supernatural / Paranormal/ Adult

Flynn’s quest for redemption continues in the second installment of The Vampire Flynn.

Condemned by the Supernatural Order and sentenced by their High Council to die, he and his watcher Monica must avoid capture while deciphering a riddle left by Lydia Davies. The mission takes them from Philadelphia to the Windy City of Chicago, with a master seer named Julian nipping at their heels. There, they are joined by wary allies and a cunning vampire who is bent upon exposing the full hypocrisy of the Order.

The hunter becomes the hunted. The villain transforms into a champion. But even as Peter begins to emerge from the crimson shroud of his alter ego as a newly-gifted seer, he finds himself placed on a game board he would have sooner avoided. A destiny trails him, but so does the realization that he has become a country without affiliation, about to be presented with an offer too enticing for him to simply refuse. And while the Order’s band of gifted humans might be misguided, are they beyond redemption themselves?

What remains to be seen is who might be right – the ones who remember the murderous assassin, or the few who believe in the heart of a hero nobody asked for.  Where would your wager lie?

Only $.99!
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About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author. Writer of the Vampire Flynn Series and Deathspell books, published by the micro-press Crimson Melodies. While primarily a novelist, he has also contributed to the story cycle Red Phone Box, and the short story anthology, Nocturnal Embers. Always working on something new, Peter leaves it up to the reader to decide if it’s by sunlight or candlelight.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Review: In the Light of the Moon

Author A.L. Kessler / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 166 Pages

In the Light of the Moon Cover

1st book in the series

A.L. Kessler visited us at Lilac Reviews a few days ago and shared with us the Pros and Cons of writing a series. Her Dark War Chronicles has three books so far. I think there is to be another.

I have enjoyed Laurell K. Hamilton books in the past. So I have a brief knowledge of books that mix lycans and vampires. That there are politics between the different packs and that there are family alliances, etc.

In the Light of the Moon’s main characters are Kassity and Jaxon, both panther lycans, and Lucius, a vampire. Lucius runs a territory and there is a war going on. This was a weakness to the first novel. We didn’t get really vested in who was fighting against who and more importantly, why we should care. I did care about Kassity and Jaxon. Lucious is still a little bit of a wild card. He seems to be the bad guy, but he does have a method for what he does. His actions aren’t just to be cruel. There are times when a person in power doesn’t explain all the reasons for his decisions. So A.L. is accomplished in creating believable characters.

It was a short, enjoyable read. It does have some adult content. I felt the ending left you adrift. It didn’t have that close the book shut feel when something was resolved. This may have been her intent. This may be the type of series where you are meant to purchase the further books to continue the story lines started in the preceding novels.

The other two books in the series are…

2nd = Dance in the Moonlight, 192 pages

3rd = On Torn Wings, 177 pages

Dark War Chronicles Series Art


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Review: Morgan A Witch’s Tale

Author Angee Taylor / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 127 Pages

Morgan Book CoverIt starts quickly when two men burst into Morgan’s shop. One of them wants her help, and one of them wants her dead. Morgan makes a decision and takes action. The events of the evening bring questions than will need to be answered. There was a nice balance of romance, action and mystery to the storyline.

There were a few small errors in the text, like ‘we’ instead of ‘me’ or a missing word. They didn’t detract enough from the storyline that I didn’t understand what the author had meant to say.

The other characters each have a place to contribute to the conflict of the story. If you have enjoyed shows such as Charmed or Buffy, you would probably like reading Morgan. There is an element of family and teamwork, but also of strong women characters. A nice fun read.


About the Author



Author Angee TaylorAngee was born in Houston, Texas in 1977, to an interesting family. Her mother and father separated when she was young. She lived with her mother who later remarried a wonderful man, who had a huge impact on her as she grew up. Angee has always had a love of reading, mostly paranormal. As a child, she would sneak up at late night when her mom thought she was sleeping, to read. They moved around a lot, eventually settling in Deep East Texas. Angee married at a young age and eventually divorced. She has raised her now 16 year old son alone. Angee works full time as a pre-hospital nurse and sometimes sees things that would make the rest of us have nightmares. On other days, she is blessed to see miracles. These things are what drive her to write.

Angee describes her job as- “I fight to save people’s lives. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. It’s the emotional roller coaster of that job, which leads me to writing. I’m able to put those emotions into my characters and let them out of my heart and soul.”

In 2006, she was diagnosed with a rare disease, shortly after that she was told she would be on full disability in five years and most likely to be dead in ten. She’s fought to live a normal life every day since and is beating those odds. She works at a demanding job, is a single mom, cares for an elderly mother, and a hyperactive dog.

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