The Adrenal Reset Diet

Author Alan Christianson, NMD / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 288 Pages

First off in this review I want to say that I am not in any way in the medical profession, nor had any training as such. I am however, a woman in my 50’s who has had a raised a son, worked hard, tried to eat right and exercise when I can. Still I have had trouble with my weight. Thus, my interest in this book.

Adrenal Reset Book Cover

Have toxins, mental and dietary stress knocked your system out of balance?

I think many would agree that sometimes traditional medicine is about the masses.   If X symptom is cured 90% of the time by Y medication. If you go in with that symptom, chances are they are going to give you Y medication. Many of us have seen a co-worker have great success with a particular diet. We buy the book, change our pantry, follow the instructions and we have less than stellar results. Clearly there isn’t one answer for everyone. This book addresses this.

Christianson has identified three patterns or ways your cortisol, adrenal hormones and metabolism may have gone out of balance. Then he outlines the way to gently correct your system back to the way it was intended to work. I was intrigued that a large part of this wasn’t about cutting out things, but more about what time of day you ate certain things. There is a quiz to allow you to self-select which path may be the correct one for you. He does also gives a mini-lesson about your adrenal hormones and cortisol / melatonin cycle. It’s the correct amount of facts without losing an everyday person in the technical.

The NMD after Christianson’s name stands for Naturopathic Medical Doctor. He also provides information about a study he did about this program. It was a smallish study. My remembrances from statistics class in college was that you needed 21 for a statistically significant experiment/study. Christianson had 58 in his. They were patients of his and not strangers that signed up off the street. I would think that their relationship with him and his work would mean they would be more likely to follow the protocol. I appreciated that he narrowed the test to only the one variable… the change in diet. He didn’t ask them to exercise or change anything else. Thus you could see that the results, where ever they fell, were due to the diet. The average results were a weight loss of 9 pounds in a one month period. Two to four inches were taken of their waist lines also.

In addition to the recipes, there is also a resources section, a FAQ and footnotes. I liked that the book was written in a factual style and not hypish like the screaming belly fat commercials. If you are concerned that your system may be out of balance, you just don’t feel as energetic as you should be, or have struggled with your weight, this book may be of interest to you. I am impressed enough that I have taken the quiz and I’m going to try the protocol outlined for myself.

 The Adrenal Reset Diet: Strategically Cycle Carbs and Proteins to Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, and Move from Stressed to Thriving


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6 Responses to The Adrenal Reset Diet

  1. Barrie

    I’m on Dr. Christianson’s newsletter letter and list and have heard of this book. Thank you for an honest and straight forward review. I am interested in what how this works for you! I think almost all women in their late 40’s/early 50’s are out of balance!

  2. Sylve T.

    This sounds interesting thank you for the post!

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