Review: Workman’s Complication

Author Rich Leder / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 394 Pages

Mystery with Humor

First Book in McCall & Company Series

We’ve all heard the phrase diamond in the rough.   It’s a phrase to indicate future potential but lacking refinement or polish. One of the reasons I started Lilac Reviews was to help new authors become visible to readers. I am so tickled to tell you about this book. The author has already looked over his story and decided on the perfect ‘cut.’ He has polished the edges and held it up to see it sparkle in the light. It is a diamond, period, end of sentence.

I loved the chapter titles, the formatting was professional, the cover is indicative of the content. It has been edited so that nothing slows down your enjoyment of the story.

Kate is the lead actress in this work. She helps her father Jimmy, a private investigator, on occasion.   Most actors and actresses do other jobs to earn money on the side. She earns some rent by managing the apartment building she lives in. You get to meet the other tenants along with the folks in the play she’s currently rehearing in anticipation of an opening night. Her son is a district attorney. Unfortunately, her father is murdered. This is where the mystery starts. He hadn’t told her about a new case. The cops think she’s holding out on them.  It may seem strange that a novel with drama and murder and mourning could be humorous. But life is like that too. I appreciate that you see Kate mourn her father throughout the book when something reminds her of him. I like that you see how much Jimmy was loved and respected by the way the other characters step in to help her. It takes a village, right?

Let’s talk about the humor. This isn’t the laugh out loud Dick Van Dyke falling over the furniture type humor. It’s more like the dialogue in Firefly. You chuckle to yourself, and maybe snort if you don’t think there is anyone around. I think this quote will get you curious without giving too much away.

“When I was fourteen, Jimmy told me that Miranda was his friend. “She’s there when I need her,” he said. “That’s what I like about Miranda.” Years later, I learned that Miranda wasn’t a woman that Jimmy knew: it was his right to remain silent, his right to speak to an attorney even if he couldn’t afford one.”

There are some quirky characters along the way but they aren’t stupid goofy. Next to Kate, my favorite character is Fu. He’s the maintenance man with a dark past. I really hope he’s in the next book, I want to learn more about him. In summary, I have a new favorite author.
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  1. Thank you, Felita, for such kind and supportive words. It’s a total pleasure to be a part of your great new Lilac site. You’re exactly right that it takes a village; writers need champions to propel them on into the night. I’m delighted and thrilled that you enjoyed Workman’s Complication, and I’m grateful for your review. And I can happily say that there’s more Fu for you.

    Rich Leder

  2. Thank you Felita for reviewing McCall & Company: Workman’s Complication by Laugh Riot Press indie author Rich Leder. We hope you like the second one just as much! For any readers interested in purchasing the books or finding out more about them, please visit our website where you will find lots of details and all the links to places where the book is for sale. Happy reading!

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