Review: WordPress Domination

Beginner to Ninja in 7 Days

Author Lambert Klein / Reviewed by Felita Daniels  /  253 Pages

How To Create a Blog

Beginner to Ninja in 7 Days

This book had tons of screen shots some with red arrows pointing to the field or part of the screen that the text was discussing. This is especially helpful for the less technically inclined. You could follow step by step and know that you were on the right track and putting the correct input in the right place. Following the title of the book, at the end of a chunk of text he would have a day’s recap. With a list of what had been gone over for the day. There is a table of contents also if you needed to skip to something or go back to a section. I supposed the day’s recap should indicate to you how much you could get accomplished in a day. If you have a full time job and are doing this in addition to your family & social life etc., I believe the 7 days would be more realistically 14.

For those really new to the discipline of blogging and websites, he was very helpful in describing what the terms meant. What’s the difference between a Plugin and a Widget, for example? Someone that wants to create a blog wants to get to the writing and sharing about whatever their passion is, hobby, product, or whatever. After all the technology is out of the way, it pretty much is easy to maintain a blog. The step by step of walking you through the tasks to get the blog running means that you don’t have to becoming a programmer yourself.  Days 1 through 5 could be considered beginner material.

Day 6 covers monetization and traffic. I found a little gem in this section. A lot of folks want to know just how much money they can make off of a blog. Most the time if you do a search on this topic you will be informed “it depends.” Certainly the quality of content you share is a major factor. This author gives you a formula so that you can look at your site’s statistics and come up with your own customized estimate. I would assume you could go at it backwards also. If the $ amount isn’t as high as you would like it to be, you could see which part of the formula you need to improve. For example, if your conversion rate is respectable then you need to boost your search volume.

His formula is: Search Volume + Conversion Rate + EPA = Income

From the book, “For example, if you get 100 visitors a day, have a 3% conversion rate, and make $10 per conversion, you’d be making $30 a day.

Day 7’s topic is Analytics. At the end of his book there is a Resource section with links. They are grouped by types. There is everything from hosting services to press release services, article directories and tutorial videos.

I think this is a great book for someone starting an individual blog/ web site with WordPress. If you are getting into being a business of multiple blogs and that IS your business… this would probably be too basic.

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