Review: What Happened Here

Author Bonnie ZoBell / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 205 Pages

This work is classified as Literary Fiction. The setting however from real life. In 1978 an airline crash took place over the North Park neighborhood of San Diego. This collection of short stories and one novella tells of the life of characters living in this area.

The author has won several awards for her writing. She is a creative Writing Coordinator at San Diego Mesa College. So it is no surprise that she has the chops to write and knows the area, the lore and the heritage of this event in time. The cover is bright and depicts the Macaw birds that are also in and out of these stories. The stories are not as optimistic as the feathers of these birds.

I found several of the stories moody and many of the characters were struggling with unhappiness. I have no doubt that the author meant to give you the impression that the area should leave a haunted feel to it. Though I question that many of these people didn’t even live there when it happened. Nonetheless, some fixated on the event and researched facts, looked at pictures of the aftermath.

There is great writing here, but it’s not cheery.


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