Review – Transmat Failure

Author M. F. Burbaugh  /  Reviewed by Felita Daniels

I don’t know the author personally, but after reading his book I think I would enjoy spending an afternoon with him listening to the stories he could tell about his life and adventures. Transmat Failure was gifted to me in order to write this review, but what I write is totally up to me. I did enjoy this book. I even took my tablet to work so I could read more on my lunch hour. The main character Frank, is thrown into situations where he has to decide quickly what is going on and whose side to take.

Book Cover, Sci Fi

M. F. Burbaugh’s Book Transmat Failure

The situations he is dumped into, naked I might add, involve danger and sorting out what the morals/ethics and societal structures are. He didn’t sign up for that type of experiment. He was supposed to be moved from one chair to another (like a transporter beam). Frank is brave and has honor. He respects women. It was enjoyable reading as he made friends and choices in these other societies. There was a bit of lopsidedness that you spent very little time exploring the science lab and the people there. He clearly made friends easily in the new worlds. I wondered why there was so little interaction in his world of origin. But maybe the author just wanted to cut to the thrilling part. He wrote fight scenes very well. I find some authors sometimes struggle with keeping the excitement up while describing the choreography of a fight. Not so with this science fiction adventure. The pacing was good and the writing solid. I don’t feel the book cover does justice to the writing within, IMO. The author has a couple of other books out and the “We Were Legends” has a much more professional cover. I will put that on my reading list, as I would enjoy spending more time with his characters and their worlds.

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