Review: The Wizard’s Gift

Author Michael Waller / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 321 Pages

In this fantasy you will read about a world different from our current day.  Prince Caran Tuith has been raised and protected as the future leader.  Part of the story arc for Caran is how he steps up to lead after a crisis. The other major characters Bataan and Carantor also have some discoveries and growth to do of their own. There are creatures, monsters, and land to traverse with danger and obstacles. There is also a ‘gift’ left by a wizard that holds its own mysteries.

Epic Fantasy "The Wizard's Gift" by Michael Waller

Epic Fantasy “The Wizard’s Gift” by Michael Waller

It takes a certain amount of time to describe and tell a reader about a different place and time. There’s a fine line about how much you describe on the trip from point A to point B. How does an author choose what is critical for plot and how much is for mood and feel? This is what I’d like to share with you about this book. For some, the descriptiveness of this book may be a detractor. Others may say its strength is that voice. I am a ‘mature’ reader. I say that to convey that I grew up reading novels that had longer sentences and part of the reading enjoyment was the sound and rhythm of the words. This writer has some ‘beauty’ to his narrative.

In today’s sound bite, action movie world we are sometimes impatient to get to the action and movement. We occasionally read in fifteen minute increments while waiting for our kids to get out of soccer practice. This is not that type of book. This novel will best be enjoyed by the type of person that gets their coffee ready, turns on some classical music and sits down in a comfy chair for an hour or more. I love discovering new authors. I want self-published novelists to find their audience and improve their craft. My own personal taste, I believe if the author could rein in some of the text in his next work- it would improve the pace of the story. That being said, I think the best way to let you evaluate for yourself is to show you a quote from early in the book. I don’t like to give away too much about a book.

“He watched the men who settled near to him on the shore of the western sea. Saw them prosper and live a peaceful and settled life. They were like him, tall with dark hair and eyes, and skin that weathered rapidly in the sun to a pale brown. In other lands he saw men of a different aspect, and ofttimes a different temperament. He was wise, and he saw that the peaceful lives of men would not last forever, and that what he had at first thought was the perfection of creation that the other creators never attained, was in fact flawed.”

In addition to purchasing, The Wizard’s Gift is in the Amazon Unlimited Program if you want to give it a read. I will be keeping an eye on this writer’s career.


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