Review: The Tin Man

Author Nina Mason / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / Pages 291

Tin Man Book CoverThis novel starts you out in action and pulls you along in intrigue. There is a strong plot line here. If you are interested in how news is reported and how corporations, politics and ethics come into play, this would be a book to read. It is a work of fiction, but I can see how what is depicted could be very plausible.

The weakness of this book is that not all of the writing is as intellectual or polished as the plot line. There were many places where I would read a sentence that had already been done. “She found him ruggedly handsome in that way that always made her heart beat just a little faster.” “… he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the polished steel doors,” and he describes himself. We’ve seen this before. If it was just this once, I’d forgive it. Eight or so pages later, Thea, the female lead character also describes herself after looking in the mirror. There are sentence fragments sprinkled through the book, but I’m assuming they are deliberate for effect.

The characters are well thought out and as time passes in the book you get to know them better. Buchanan struggles with his past and quotes a bit of poetry here and there. The Scottish phrases and pronunciations are used just the right amount. Thea is a strong female lead. She uses a gun and follows directions when necessary. She doesn’t whine and wears black lace with confidence.

This is a thriller where the threat isn’t just a lone serial killer. There is a nice blend of heat, danger, and intrigue.

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