Review – The Good Luck Spell

Author Leanne Tyler / Reviewed by Felita Daniels  /  182 pages

Good Luck Spell, First in the Good Luck Series

Good Luck Spell, First in the Good Luck Series

This was relaxing read that takes you away from your grocery list and other household chores (much like Calgon). The story pacing was good and if you like animals you will appreciate their inclusion in this work. Duke is an overweight bloodhound. He brings two people together for some magic with a little help from a ‘charmed’ necklace. Jama is a young woman who has been putting her career front and center. She agrees to pet sit while her brother and his new bride Keely go on their honeymoon. Kyle is Duke’s veterinarian. After Kyle makes a house call, he and Jama go for breakfast at IHOP. I was bummed that we didn’t get to go with them. We skipped to Jama’s office the next day. I would have liked to have been with them on their first date and found out what they talked about and had in common (besides Duke).

They do manage to see each other again and a hesitant romance begins. As in any new relationship, they have to find their way. Past love interests have left both of them with some emotional baggage. Kyle seems to make a big deal about how much time Jama has to devote to her business.   I didn’t quite understand that attitude. Kyle runs a business himself. I’ve never know any sort of business owner that didn’t put in a lot of hours. But maybe I’ve just gotten cranky about the double standard thing in my old age.

I did appreciate that Jama does call and ask her brother’s opinion about something. So she’s not a woman that pushes everyone away and says she doesn’t need any help. She stands on her own, but isn’t witchy about it. All the characters are well drawn and I liked spending time with them.

This is book one of the Good Luck Series but NOT one where you have to buy another book to find out the ending. This book is a standalone and complete in itself. The further books have some of the same characters or relatives to some of the characters that you got to know in this work. The writing is well-done and enjoyable. If you like contemporary romances, this book is one to put on your shopping list.

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  1. Thank you Lilac Reviews for these kind words about The Good Luck Spell, book #2 in The Good Luck Series!!