Review: The Emissary

Author Kristal Shaff / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 300 Pages

Fantasy Book Cover

The Emissary is classified as young adult fantasy. I think adults that like medieval time period books would enjoy this too. In the Land of Adamah some people have Shay. There are six identified Shay that are powers or gifts. When a person uses their gift their eyes also glow a certain color. Haven’t we all at one time or another, wished we had some super powers. Maybe not all-around superman but maybe wondering what others were thinking, or how we could keep those that we love from feeling pain? The six shay powers are: Accuracy, Empathy, Speed, Strength, Perception and Healing.

When the book opens we are with Nolan. He is a scribe of sorts and trying to hide that he has a Shay power. I didn’t immediately get why he needed to hide his power. Since it is well know that some folks have Shay.  It is then disclosed that if you have a Shay you are enlisted into the King’s army.

Relationships between sons and fathers and brothers are examined. Some people have attitudes towards people with certain Shays. Some seem more valued than others in this rustic culture. There is a Tournament of Awakening approaching. There are more characters that you are introduced to and more conflicts. Power, bullying, how people treat each other, being labelled into groups, and how people choose to live their lives are all topics examined within this adventure story.

I think that young fantasy readers would enjoy this novel.

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