Review: Swollen Identity

Author Rich Leder / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 410 Pages

Swollen Identity Cover

Book 2 in the Series

This is the second book in the McCall and Company series. We reviewed the first Workman’s Complication awhile back here, and I loved it. So I was really looking forward to reading Swollen Identity. This book picks up immediately after the last one.

I still love these characters, the antics, the humor and the action. Kate still struggles with what she wants to do with her life and what life keeps throwing at her in spite of her plans. Fu is still as heroic. The rest of the supporting cast is still colorful and ready to step up for adventure with Kate.

This novel has two story plots going. Kate is still on a quest to find who murdered her father (unpaid mission). Since Fu hung the McCall and Company Private Detective sign on her door, she also has a rich, beautiful paying client, Brooke Barrington. Her name even sounds wealthy. Her son still wants her to get a ‘regular’ job. So her life is going about ten different directions but she still gets it done. Along with the humor there are actual dangerous people and situations to maneuver. I appreciate that a lot about Leder’s books. The people here understand there is real threat to their lives and they still choose to participate (they aren’t just stupid). They are bold, crazy bold, and they think on their feet.

I love his charming humorous chapter titles- icing on the cake. My favorite one in this book is “Most Non of the Chalant.” If you like your mysteries with some smart humor, and an eclectic cast- these books are for you. Five Stars.


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