Review: Supergirls

Author Mav Skye / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 87 Pages

Supergirls is a suspense horror novella. The cover was intriguing and I was in the mood for something dark. On the cover, both girls are aiming guns and they look composed and intent. There wasn’t a scene in the book like that. There was a great deal of perspiration, snot, tears, and blood. Mav Skye, the author does have a talent for describing the characters.

Supergirls Book Cover

Jenn & May try for the brass ring

Two sisters, Jen and May, have a plan to escape their present lives. “Tonight everything is going to change.” It is not an honest or honorable plan. The author does her best to fill you in on why this is what they have resorted to. I’m very familiar with the idea that main characters don’t have to be perfect. This does add to the predicament they find themselves in. They can’t just call the cops when the plan goes off the rails. Yet, I’m still not 100% vested in their journey. I am not sure why I’m not entirely in their corner. “Maybe we should just leave.” Yes, maybe you should. But they don’t.

As I type I think maybe if they had been more like the heroic image on the cover. I feel both sisters are victims through the entire story.  I found two women clawing their way out of a situation, partly of their own making. At the end of the read, I can’t fault the author’s grasp of grammar or depiction of these girls and the world they live in. That’s what reading is all about, taking us to other people’s lives, other worlds and realities.


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