Review: Rosewater

Author Mason Kulinow  /  Reviewed by Felita Daniels  /  277 Pages

The author, Mason Kuldinow has written a smart adventure. The young adult characters are well developed and interesting to be around. Events begin to happen quickly.

There are some cracks in the friendship of the group. Suzanne has an encounter with a creature and tells her boyfriend about it. Does he know or care about her enough to back her statements? Delia had been away from the village and met some success in her acting career. How does her notoriety affect the relationships of them all? Isabel owns a billion dollar firm. Yet Suzanne lives with her father and they are working to get funding for a research project. Various emotional stressors and real life dangers come their way.

Fantasy, Young Adult

Book Cover of Rosewater

I would mention that his writing style is pretty descriptive and utilizes a few rather long sentences. You can check that out in the excerpt posted today. It is set in current day with cell phones, etc., but sometimes the characters speak in ways I found unrealistic. “Well, this hearkens back to why my father and I….” When is the last time you used the word “hearkens?”

There is a lot packed into this book: the relationships of friends, the journey from youth to young adult, some history and lore of ancestors and a geographical area, magic and Druidism.

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