Review: Outlier- Rebellion

Author Daryl Banner / Reviewer Felita Daniels / 516 Pages

Rebellion Cover

Book 1 in the Outlier Series

The story introduces you to several characters and does this well. I really care about many of them. You are certain that these people will end up colliding into each other’s lives in one way or another. It is at its roots a book about the haves and the have nots. The differences in those worlds is described and shown by the author without pages and page of narration. But at times the pace is uneven.

How do the young and old feel about their lives? What these characters believe, expect, hope for, and what they are willing to risk to change their lives is what keeps you reading. There are many small spots of wisdom in the writing. “Ellena, she’s always learned never to open her mouth among so many opinions. The only thing you invite in an open mouth is acid in a room like this.” I did find myself rooting for some characters more than others and looking forward to the next section that would feature one that I liked. There is some romance in the book, but not so much to put off the folks that say “I don’t read romances.” There is an undercurrent of who are you, in relation to what your legacy (power or talent) is. Of course, with any power the question also arises of how you wield (or abuse) your gift.

As you can see from the page count, this is a significant work. Although you might have thought the author had plenty of time to round the plot up and have a satisfying closure for the reader, he chose to leave you with a cliffhanger. This is not the first dystopian I have read with a lack of ending.  Maybe that’s the trend for that genre? It isn’t my favorite way to end a read. Despite this, I would still recommend this book to readers of this genre, forewarning them of the ending style.


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