Review: Murder in the Arboretum

Author Christa Nardi / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 156 Pages

Dr. Sheridan Hendley is a psychologist that teaches at Cold Creek, a small private college.   She is also on the team that helped design the crisis plan for campus emergencies. This is why she is summoned to the scene where a dead body is found. Her main concern was to help the upset folks that discovered the body. But I was very surprised that none of the characters asked “Who is dead?” A shirt sleeve is mentioned, but they don’t even convey if the body is male or female. Usually ‘who’ and ‘how,’ are the first questions people want to know about a death.

Murder in the Arboretum Book Cover

Second Book in the Cold Creek Series

Dr. Hendley uses her observations of human behavior to notice those around her and their relationships to each other. She does show concern for her students and friends. She is smart and brave and you like spending time with her in her scholarly world.

This is the second book in the Cold Creek series. It is a standalone, meaning you can enjoy this one without having read the first one. It mentions that in the first book she met Detective Brett McMann, her current love interest. I liked the subtle story line of how she handles letting others know they are in a relationship and how he lets someone close to him know about it also. This is a clean read. You can let your daughters and mothers read this without embarrassment (no explicit sex or violence).

I look forward to more works by this writer.


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