Review: Murder Beneath the Midnight Sun

Author Steven Spellman  /Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 210 Pages

In Murder Beneath the Midnight Sun you will find an interesting combination of science fiction and police detective novel. The setting is in the future where the environment has become hostile toward human life. The heat is so bad that a promise of cold showers twice a month are job perks that solicit gasps from students in a recruiting seminar for the police force. This brings us to Michael Parkers. He is a renowned detective. He hails from the Sherlock Holmes school of deductive reasoning. He shares with his partner John Mesan to stop to look, listen, taste if necessary, and to notice every little detail.

Author Steven Spellman's latest- a blend of Science Fiction and Detective Novel

Author Steven Spellman’s latest- a blend of Science Fiction and Detective Novel

I will say that though I enjoyed this book there are two cautions. This is NOT a cozy, it is hardboiled all the way. I do not like to give spoilers but some readers will need to know that there are some scenes that are on the gruesome side. I read all manner of mystery and police novels so this isn’t a negative for me.

My other observation is that his grammar is fine, but he sometimes repeats himself.   Words are used repeatedly in the span of three of four sentences. Other times it’s thoughts and concepts more than once on a page. I still enjoyed the book a lot, it was just an annoyance that slowed the story down a tiny bit.

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