Review: Living Intentionally

Author Dr. Bonnie Aaron / Reviewed by Felita Daniels /212 Pages

The author begins her book by showing you that she has endured some hardships and suffering that caused her to question how to get past them. “I believed my only options were to break down or break through.” In this book she outlines how to break through.   “Instead of playing the victim, I made up my mind to take action and change my circumstances by changing my perspective.”

Living Intentionally Review

Beautiful Book Cover !

Aaron has studied others in this field of self-improvement and happiness. There are quotes sprinkled throughout the work from experts such as Stephen Covey and Anthony Robbins, Confucius and Gandhi, but also from philosophers, writers and psychologists.

A great deal of questions are asked in this book. That makes sense. She can’t tell you what will make you happy. The author has never met you and doesn’t know what is important to you. She can guide you to putting your finger on what will help you, by prompting you to ask some honest questions. The challenge is, will you answer them courageously with your truth.

There is mention that she is a Christian in the introduction. There are some word choices such as stewardship, or law of reap and sow, devotions, faith and prayer that you may recognize as faith based vocabulary. “Each of us was born with a light within.” There is not any preaching or dictating of doctrine or telling you what you should believe or think.

My favorite sentence was: “Love is the antidote to fear.” For a second I thought this was only in the context of ones relationships with others. But the section was on excuses, how some resign themselves to failure. Then I realized that these people don’t love themselves, believe that they deserve happiness. I hope this is an example for you of the kinds of questions and thought provoking themes running through this book. My second favorite sentence was “Your life’s recipe is made up of the ingredients you choose.” I love to cook.

There is a table of contents to enable you to locate a step in the blueprint with ease. There is not an index to the book. There are some exercises in balloon graphics to enable you to take some action and participate in the book. The introduction mentions that there is an accompanying workbook for those of you that like to document and follow along in a process. I was not provided a copy of the workbook for the purposes of this review.

I think there are two types of people that will appreciate this book. Those that are somewhat self- aware and enjoy reading books that are ‘enlightening’ as a sort of pep talk and furthering their path. The second group are those that are struggling with some part of their life that they just can’t seem to get a handle on. They perceive that they could be happier somehow, but they don’t know how to get there.


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12 Responses to Review: Living Intentionally

  1. Felita,
    Thank you for the very edifying and uplifting review. The workbook is being edited and will be published soon.

    • Felita

      You are welcome! I know you spent a lot of time researching and writing it. It is a wonderful thing to help folks be happier.

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